Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

So now…

Vidur’s got a cool black helmet. All I have to do is get the bike ready to start moving on wheels again. 🙂

Funny thing is – from the last time I checked my weight – which was about 8 months ago – and last week – I’ve shed a very very gratifying 5 kilos. I did suspect something was going on when my usually snug-around-the-hips-and-waist jeans seemed slightly loose. Not loose enough to belt up, but you know what I mean. Now, am not a fan of the hipster type jeans that show bum cleavage. I prefer the good old regular stuff that buttons at the waist (actual waist) and zips up. Hmm..what can I say? pleasant surprise. Naturally I had to analyze this oh-so-lucky occurrence. I realized that I’ve been walking a bit and also eating Muesli for breakfast. And other meals at almost the same time every day – apparently that makes a huge difference in helping shed weight. Looks like I’ve been practicing, sub-consciously, what I’ve been blogging about.

Yesterday was a lovely, lovely evening – in spite of spending half the afternoon avidly trying to listen to the Ayodhya verdict. The phone rang – and I was thrilled to hear Tanu’s voice. One might have thought we were just picking up from a conversation we had a few minutes ago – something we did quite often more than a decade ago. Well – two hours later – and still talking – we realized we had to go about our essential stuff and had to call off. I felt so blessed to have been close friends with her through school, college, and the rest of life. We spent most of our chat giggling and reminiscing over stuff. Love-ya, Tanu. Mmm. I really ought to scan some photos and add them – also had a jolly trip looking at old photo albums yesterday. What a mood-booster!

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