My pookari

or – flower lady is a sweet person. Each time I pass her, which is rather often, she’s ready to measure out some of all her garlands – with some advice as free bonus. Last week – I took a picture of her with my new phone – and oh boy, she simply refused to raise her head – finally I gave up and took one picture any way – thinking I will have another chance to take a pic of her some time soon. Well – here she is – and her name’s Mahadevamma.

I am fond of her. I give her stuff from time to time. I chat her up. And find that she’s far better company than most people I know.

About a month ago – she was missing for a few days and I went berserk, wondering what happened. Then later when she returned to her spot, she told me she had been unwell. Sigh. Reminded me of the time I got awfully worried about that elderly homeless person outside the St.Peter’s seminary on 8th main – I would see him every single day en route to and from school – then one day he was not there. I kind of built a relationship with him – would take food and clothing regularly for him.  So when I didn’t see him one day, I got all worked up.

Then later I found out that because it was raining – he had just crossed over to the other side of the road to shelter at the bus stop from the rain. Phew! I felt so relieved. Funny how we get all worked up about people we are barely connected with – yet feel more of a bond with than people who are related to us, or claim to be friends. Takes all sorts to make the world eh?

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