Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Mixed flavors

I did a lot of things today, and have very little to show for it 🙂 But am happy, because I am counting the good stuff. Vidur’s puja hols began today, for one, so no real rush in the morning. Instead we grappled a bit with his math holiday homework – and I was somewhat amazed to find how easy yet how tough some of the problems were. Ah well, mission accomplished!

We achieved our icecream treat at the bakery opposite our place. Okay, so we gorged on two each. So what?

I went loitering with Uma and we checked out her house – recently vacated by tenants – she wanted company – and yes, misery shared can become fun somehow. It did, too. We actually took the lift to the fifth floor – because we were together, otherwise imagine actually catching that scary lift and getting  stuck in it! I saw her praying until it stopped at our destination! Ha ha!

We did the Margosa-8th Cross-Sampige circuit as usual and ended up with some window shopping and also buying some stuff. Asha Sweets had mountains of jhaangri and jalebis – and – hundreds of boxes of sweets all packed and ready to go. Festival season. We met the usual suspects and chatted them up – including the veg lady, the fruit lady, the cd guy – and then some.

Then of course, I returned home while she headed home in an auto. I don’t know why – I never like walking up 11th Cross. But today, it was quite cheerful, what with meeting people I knew and the impromptu veg and flower carts on the way, thanks to the forthcoming puja.

I continued my series of phone calls to all the dopes who haven’t completed work initiated, and that included the cable guy & the dth guy. Sigh. Murphy’s law proclaims that there will always be something or other. Why let it get on the nerves? The world still wags on, alive. And so shall I.

I even caught a pic of my friends in the bus last week:

Now I am in the process of taking pictures of some of Vidur’s artwork – artist in progress pictures we don’t need to keep – because of the sheer volume.

As Mom would have wished, I got Vidur new clothes for the festival – and feel the vacuum left by her absence.

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