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Growing up

This is so funny. Although Vidur uses the computer quite a lot, he’s always busy with something quite constructive. His current interest, or maybe I should refer to it as an obsession is music from the 30’s 40’s. (Now you know why they say बच्चे तो बच्चे, बाप रे बाप).  We thought we were big fans of old film songs – but Vidur has gone way beyond that. Anand thinks I influenced him 🙂 but my only contribution is aiding and abetting.

Anyway, apparently one of Vidur’s friends online who is also interested in similar music appeared on chat – and Vidur asked me if he could chat. Of course, I said. Then two minutes later, he came back to ask what’s “np”. (no problem). Another minute later, he wanted to know what “brb” was. Then “ttyl”. Then “cya” duh. By this time, I was desperately controlling my laughter. (never mind that I didn’t know what ttyl meant until recently). I mean – what fun to discover IM lingo for a kid. Then I realized that most kids Vidur’s age are probably all over the net doing all sorts of things.  Hmm. scary thought. 

Growing up is so interesting. I wonder if Tanu remembers the gang’s first look at a tattered ‘Playboy’ mag all those decades ago – that someone’s brother had brought back from his trips. I remember we were not very impressed. 😀 and preferred to go stand by the mirchi bajji wala at the gate and timepass over there. Oh, the times, they are a-changing. And I do wish Mom was around to watch Vidur grow.

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