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Documents or Death

Of the phone. Now Airtel is on a major drive to reinstate old prepaid phone connections, of which I have one. They are quite harassing really. They just coolly cut off the phone – giving callers the “not reachable” or “switched off” message. When I called their helpline (ha ha) and went through the lengthy procedure of actually reaching a customer service exec, the dude cheerfully apologizes and says he will “sort things out” in exactly one hour. Funny thing is, he did. And told me I could now resume making/receiving calls on my phone – and the verification issue for an 8 year old connection had been resolved.

So imagine my super-surprise when the guys quietly cut off my phone again! At least this time they had the decency to send me a series of sms-es inviting me to their showroom with the necessary photo ID and address proof. Planning to do it today. Have to admit it is peaceful not to hear the phones ringing, though :-D. To make up for it, however, the landlines are a-ringing. It is good exercise too, because they are located far from where I work – so negotiating the triangle between the phones and the front door several times seems exhausting! Particularly in the middle of work. Vijay was saying that a cordless phone could solve the issue – what? and deprive me of my exercise? 😛

Thanks to all the phone calls, I feel kind of disoriented now. Thinking of playing some music loud, making a list and then getting on with it. That’s what my Mom would always do – her to-do lists 🙂 The trick is to list every little thing, and enjoy the gratification of being able to tick off the obvious.

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