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Bike’s Back too!

Am so excited – I got my bike serviced yesterday and it was so thrilling to feel the good old four-stroke throbbing to a gentle touch of the ever-sensitive accelerator! And what freedom to simply go down, get on and take off to school! Here’s a shot of Vidur getting ready:

Safety measures – obviously he won’t be riding any wheels except pillion for at least another six years until he is old enough to get a license. Hmm…wish Mom had been here, she would have admired the squeaky clean smooth running Activa. Sigh. And would have sportingly said let’s go for a ride! I must click a pic of the bike before it develops specks of dust 😛

Gosh – I’ll never forget that time, just a week after I bought the bike back in 2003 – when we went to the market. We’d normally walk, but we decided to take the bike because we had to carry stuff back, and also of course, because we wanted to ride it. New bike…etc etc. So – we parked as usual in the parking area got a receipt and finished our shopping.

When we got back,  I got the bike out of the parking area, arranged our bags and asked Mom to get on. She sat, and asked me where the hand rest was. She meant the stepne tyre fixed at the end of the seat, which was quite a backrest. Some a**hole had cut the rubber tubing and made off with it, lock and all. SO much for that security. S***! Poorer by 1500 Rs. which is the cost of a new stepne, I cursed myself for not dismantling the stepne that morning, because I had been thinking of doing it. I only used the bike to drop and pick up Vidur from school, and therefore did not need to carry the stepne every single day. Lesson learned – when you think of doing  something, take action. Don’t wait for later. Who knows what might happen in between? Grrrr.

C’est la vie!

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