Who can say

…I lead a boring life?

The week continues to be interesting with:

– Hari assuming it is Hindi when it was actually Science – exam I mean. But luckily he’d studied for both, and therefore, did a good job 🙂
– Me going for a mammo, coming back and actually being lulled into a snooze in the afternoon – something I always think I should do – but end up never getting around to. 
– KTV showing Kottai mariamman yet again, and we enjoying the scenes, the comedy and the songs, yet again.
– Going to RK Foundation’s collection point to drop the four bags, and meeting the people there, and coming back happy, inspired to clear out more stuff.
– Gopu mama arriving with Manni – happy they’ll be here for Vidur’s program – and enjoying an afternoon watching old songs and the wedding CD, reminiscing and savoring the moments, feeling the loss of those no more.

Nobody can say I lead a boring life. Si.

And oh, I did make the dosai milaga podi and paruppu podi, and am happy to say they turned out great. As usual.

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