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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


…pink. While waiting at the bus stop this morning, we solved the mystery of who the two kids were. We met them two days ago on the way back from school – and the boy looked quite familiar. I was sure I had known him as a much younger child. Well, it does turn out that I did. When Vidur and his sister Amrutha had joined the school in the first std., their mom and I would wait together during those initial days when the school timings were too short for us to actually go home and come back. So we would carry something to munch and read and wait there. Now, apparently these people had gone to Mumbai for a couple of years and came back last year. They still live in the same place – and Amrutha is in a different section from Vidur at school.

The most amazing thing was – Lakshmi said Amrutha was November born. So is Vidur. Then she said Amru was Nov 23. So is Vidur. The best thing is they share the same birthday, month and year and…..TIME. Just two minutes apart. We were both thrilled, maudlin mothers that we are! I doubt if the kids were too impressed though – with Vidur later remarking that there must be millions of people in this world…..and so on. But how many do we actually meet, become friendly with and realize details like this? Very few.

Life is full of lovely surprises.

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