Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

These days

There’s no chance of ever forgetting a birthday, thanks to everything we’re associated with, be it our banks, investment company, insurance company, online shopping site, or whatever, sending in birthday wishes. Quite sweet really. Strangely, some friends do forget. Who has the time, anyway? Sigh.

I woke this morning to find an sms from Jeyendra’s mother, Vidhya. Not surprised, as she or Jey never forget an occasion. Every wish counts, though – and so long as all those who matter remember, it is enough. Naturally I miss my mother. She would mention it every single minute. And of course, we’d get to hear, of the umpteenth time – how it was Saraswathi Puja day during Dussera, when the household was getting ready to celebrate, and got the news I was born. :-). For many many years, our standard menu on September 27 would be parangikka or kathrikka vethakozhambu, avial and gulaab jamun – by Ms. Tanuja Shammohan Naidu’s order. We would spend a long lazy afternoon after rushing through the morning, together at home. Tanu – love ya! How can we not remember the huge birthday cake (on the wrong date, of course) and then, you insisting it was the right day? Or that fabulous surprise party back in 1990 (or was it 1989?)

So no prizes for guessing why my name is Vidya Saraswathi. Knocked off the latter part of the name because it was lengthy. And also cleverly avoided being called “chachhchu” Ugh!. I remember back in college, the gang would tease me saying – sarasu…..okay – anyone who’s lived in Madras would know what follows.

Exciting thing – I reconnected with Nimmi Menon – and was so very excited. We’re planning to meet as soon as she’s back in town – and fancy being in the same town! Whoaa. What fab days those college days were!

I also got a lovely wish from Anand Shekar – Club 27 Founder Member – I love it!! Way back – okay, way way back – we discovered that we and our mutual friends all had birthdays on the 27th of different months and thought we should start a Club 27. 🙂

The day before yesterday, just before I decided to go to bed, and switching off TV, I found HBO announcing Happy Feet – and thought I’d see the opening scenes. I was totally kicked to see a charming penguin sing the lyrics to Prince’s Kiss – so totally tickled!! Regretfully, I had to switch off after that song since it was late already.

Okay – looks like I’ll never end up finishing this today – so I’ll take a break right here. I had to yell at Airtel for barring all calls on my phone – but they’ve promised to set it right in 30 min 😀

And dream that my mom’s sitting right here with me, enjoying filter Kaaaaaaapi.

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