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Standing and staring

Nobody knows and appreciates “what is this life, if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” more than those college kids who wait at the bus stop, absolutely unconcerned about how long they wait. Well, if the bus is late, they miss one class. Big deal! They stand there, in ones, twos or groups. Some share headphones – one earpiece each. There is no one without a mobile – either talking into it, furiously texting or dialing, or waiting for a call, or something! What fun it is to watch them – makes one realize yet again, the joy of observing people without participating in anything.

Takes me right back to the time when we would spend hours up a tree eating guavas, or hanging around the bus stop missing bus after bus. 🙂 We’d go all the way with friends to their destinations that were in the opposite direction from ours, and then never think twice about having to travel all the way back, simply because a direct bus was available. Ah, what can beat the to and fro walks from Tanu’s house to mine, entering neither, just hanging over each others’ gates and spending hours talking standing there – until her mom or mine yelled at us.

Jai ho, nostalgia! happy memories.

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