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No CWG Games!

At least – certainly not the grand and wonderful 41st KVS National Sports meet 2010 (boys) opening day that I was fortunate enough to attend at Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore, yesterday, thanks to Vidur taking part in the cultural program. Beautifully organized and hosted by the Bangalore region, we had a near perfect morning with the sun only playing hide and seek and nary a dark cloud anywhere in the sky. It was a real treat and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was too far off to get clear pictures, but managed to get a few fuzzy ones. Here’s Vidur’s school  rendering the welcome song – and the children sounded superb:

I can recognize Vidur there – but I wonder if anyone else will :-). All in all, a grand finale to all the music practice sessions. I’ll never forget this function – it was so enjoyable. The sheer atmosphere and the elevated mood was fantastic.

We had a slightly worrisome moment when we discovered that in the costume hired for Vidur – Kurta and panchakacham dhoti – the dhoti didn’t fit at all. It only reached as far as just below his knees – and panchakachams are worn as flowing dhotis with the zari borders in full display. Well, since the costume was distributed only the day before, and we had to be in school at 6.30 am the next morning, we wondered what to do.

Obviously Vidur is not used to wearing dhotis, therefore managing a regular dhoti would be a problem. Then my mind hit upon this brilliant idea – truly inspired by my mom, am sure – I thought I would try attaching the dhoti’s waist to one of Vidur’s white school shorts, to make the dhoti reach his ankles. I used a long stitch to attach the dhoti to the shorts at the point where the thighs begin.

When Vidur tried it on, it was perfect! Also, he only had to pull it on like a pair of pants, as the shorts were a snug fit. Problem solved, and mission accomplished! His teachers were also impressed, I was happy to note.  What an aha! moment! Reminded me of an HR evaluation at work, decades ago, when the chief wrote on my assessment sheet “works well under pressure, creative, makes amazing use of available resources” Well – here’s Vidur – not half bad eh?

As with everything else, this event too brought on a strong case of nostalgia! My mom was in a KV through a major part of her teaching career (she taught in BHEL HS School, Ramachandrapuram) and was always the first choice for announcing/hosting/compering events. Life and soul of the party, one might say. Cheerful and chirpy. She loved her work. She would have been so excited if she’d been with us today and reminisced about all the school events she’d witnessed and been a part of, in her career! Yes, we miss her.

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  1. wow great Vidya, one cant even tell its attached to his shorts!
    and very tragic about the CWG, wat are these ppl upto, shame on them!

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