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My birthday

While that title might look like I am going to launch into a school essay – no – I just feel like recapping the two wonderful days I had – on 26th and 27th. I had a lovely lovely birthday this year. ALL my friends remembered – Thanks again, everyone, for making me feel so loved and hugged. If only mom had also been around – she would have just completed the full circle.

Sury and Vidur began celebrating my birthday the day before by refusing to let me cook. We made a snap decision and took off for lunch outside and had a wonderful meal. Vidur kept saying it tasted great – because it was my birthday the next day. After our leisurely lunch, we strolled across to the mall. Vidur was carrying his wallet (ahem!) and insisted I buy all the clothes I liked, and he’d pay. As if that emotional recharge wasn’t enough for me to feel great – both father and son freaked out choosing clothes. After a happy shopping spree, we walked back home pleasantly tired.

Because lunch still seemed to weigh heavily in our tummies we had a light dinner. Vidur was all excited about the next day. Being a Monday, it had to be a working day for everyone – but the happy part was – Vidur’s school was due to reopen only the next day, so – we spent a happy day at home, remembering things my mom would have done and said – and generally enjoying the quality time together.

Vidur made a tribute blog post for my birthday on his blog, and I was so touched – of course I cried. What a treat it was to see all my favorite songs featured there!

The day was great – memorable. 

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