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Happy Teachers’ Day

In addition to students loving her, my mother, Mrs Devi (a.k.a. Devi Ma’am or Devi Teacher), was also loved by her colleagues. In a classroom full of students, one could say she had a lot of class! She had a magic about her that simply seemed to hug students – and made her the automatic choice as the person in charge of school extracurricular activities, the escort when students had to visit another school or attend an event outside. She was also the favorite substitute teacher. 

After a teaching career that spanned over four decades, she was forced to retire when she had a major accident and had to go on bed rest for six months in 1995. After that we coaxed her to start her own English language classes, which she did. What fun we had printing those pamphlets and getting her material together! The classes were going pretty well and she really enjoyed herself.

My mother has always believed in sharing knowledge and would come forward to help just about anyone. Even when her health was bad – she managed to teach school kids. Five years ago, she even volunteered as an ad hoc teacher for three months at Vidur’s school. She amazed us with her energy – physical and mental – and what we saw always inspired us.

I often scolded her for not just relaxing in the afternoons like a lot of people in her position did. It is traditional for grandparents to take it easy and only do things, if they wished, for their grand children, right? But not for my mother. The pic you see, of her, on your right – is exactly how she always was – great sense of humor, hyper energetic, always positive and ready to try anything.

We miss her – but she will always inspire us on a daily basis.

We salute Mrs. Devi, the teacher – because she is the:

And on this occasion, I remember fondly – all the teachers who taught me.

Happy Teacher’s Day, Sury!

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