Ganesh Chaturti minus mom

Happy Ganesh Chaturti to everyone!

I remembered how much my mom liked this sketch when I doodled it a few years ago. This year will be the first time in my life, when I make kozhukkattai without my mom. Sigh. That kitchen’s going to be one lonely place without mom’s constant chatter about how we’ll make only 11 modhaks – and then ending up with 51, vadai turning into vadai maalai, ellu kozhukkattai, poorna kozhukkattai and ammini kozhukkattai. I remember how she’d be in and out of the neighbors’ houses mixing the kozhukkattai maavu for them. We would cook a big meal and then end up eating only the modhaks and vadais.

I will miss my mom in everything I do… the fun, the love, the family togetherness…I hope I do my mother proud when I make the things she and I would cook together with perfect coordination. Am sure she’s watching me happily from where she is.

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