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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Been up to.

It has been a nicely eventful week with guests, visits to the hospital, attending music programs, running around escorting Vidur for school music practice and all the other stuff.

To begin with, the Smriti Divas program on Sunday – honoring the great musicians Pandit V D Paluskar and Pandit V N Bhatkhande went off very well. And I had the pleasure of recording Vidur’s 30-minute solo performance as a single video thanks to my new phone.

He sounded so different from last year and the year before that. The clear childlike voice, which turned slightly heavier last year has become a pleasant “E” this year. He used to sing in “G sharp” before. As they get older, the pitch is lower. Of course, we also have to watch out for the voice “break”, after which it will settle down to whatever voice he’s blessed with. We had a great time that evening, with Mama and Manni also with us.

How I wish my mother had been alive to see this – she would have wanted to play back the video again and again and brimmed over with pride. Vidur’s teacher was very pleased with him. Sigh. I remembered all those lovely years when she would seat him in her lap and teach him little songs. I am guilty of not recording everything – but then, neither did we expect her to cease to exist.

All of us watched the wedding CD yet again, and were amazed to see everyone so much younger and laughing. The wedding was actually good fun in retrospect. Life is good – even bad memories soften over time and the hurt and sadness evaporate, as they should. So good memories become even more valuable. Well – thank you, God. You’ve been a good dude to us.

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