Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Back to the routine

…and getting the cobwebs out of a slightly muddled head. 🙂

Had a good meeting yesterday, as usual. Thinking of cleaning the bike in the next two or three days. Also, buying a helmet for Vidur is on the agenda. To-do list is ready – and all that remains is implementation.  Some people might laugh at reading inspirational stuff, but I find that browsing around and reading really helps. So what if it is a really funny site if somewhat irreverent? One does not have to be holier than thou to keep a happy state of mind.

We were discussing the other day – about the longest film titles and a quick Google search took me to this blog. I must say am so glad I came upon that site, because it lead me to the blogger’s profile which in turn took me to his whole list of blogs. Some of the blogs have kind of fizzled off – but what was there was a great read. I had a very stimulating hour or so checking them all out. Imagine life without humor. If we didn’t have a strong dose of it every other hour, we’d never be able to deal with all that poo some people seem to dish out on a regular basis.

Takes all sorts to make the world. 🙂 Vive la difference!

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