Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Why don’t you….

– Go for an ayurvedic session? The massages will cure you; Oh, there may be diet restrictions, but you can manage. Think about it. 3 people.

– Wear half “pyanties” to help your wounds heal faster? The dhobi. Of course he meant pants – shorts.

– Get someone to clean up the house? From someone who is constantly looking for someone-to-clean-up-the-house.

– Have the entire house painted? From the contractor who took 15 days, out of which he diligently worked only 5 days to renovate two bathrooms.

– Take up a job outside? From many, and sundry.

– Buy a car? From too many to name.

– The cable guy said something – but I forgot what because I was focusing on tearing a perforation properly from the check book.

Ah, I love how life goes on, with no shortage of free advice from all and sundry. What I will do is buy a helmet for Vidur. Although I cannot use the bike for a while until the injuries heal.

Slowly trying to get the house back in order after the various hoo-hahs. Now have a long list of things to do, which were put off for a couple of weeks. Planning to go and drop off those clothes at the R K Foundation collection point nearby.

It’s still limpety-limp though. Hmmm. Everything takes time. Only hope Time heals. And flies.

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Vidya Sury

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