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Ups and downs

That is what defines life – ups and downs. Actually, UPS also defines life – Uninterrupted Power Supply. Ha. Got stuff done today, even though haven’t actually finished things. But good going, I’d say. Unfortunately Vidur seems to have developed a throat infection. The doc was cool about it – since its going around town anyway. How to keep a school kid from developing coughs and colds? The hassle comes when there are music programs ahead and practice gets affected by this discomfort. Silly throat doesn’t know!

Had breakfast for lunch today – which in our lingo is muesli. Quite nice, especially with fruits since Vidur also opted for some bland oats. That throat needs some big time soothing. The happy part is some movies we ordered arrived today, and that’s a high point. Swallowing medication is the challenge here. Reminded me of long ago when we’d squirt syrups into his mouth with a syringe – kachak – one shot. And pray he’d keep it down because more often than not, he’d keep bringing it right back up. Errrgh.

Gotta go get that phone soon. Managed to lose a part of the case also – although I must appreciate the Nokia phone. Not only does it connect people, but also keeps them connected 🙂 Only problem is – tough to get a replacement  case for this model apparently. Haven’t checked out in enough places. Had a nice time yesterday – Uma and I strolled around Big Bazaar for a while and actually bought some stuff.

Here’s that sweet child of mine – all those years ago!

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