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Quality time

I got to spend some quality time with me, Vidur, the doc, and a book. Okay, my work associates will frown at this – because I actually ought to have been spending quality time with work. But what the heck, its okay to play hooky once in a while. That’s the whole point of freelancing, right? Not feeling the pressure. And I didn’t.

After having bunked going to the doc (Dr Raghu Hiremagalur, may his tribe increase!) for four days and silly excuses like “didn’t feel like” “its raining” “got urgent work” and so on, when I finally called him, it turned out he wasn’t at the clinic. This brought my guilt down a notch and I planned to go yesterday. I did, holding hands with Vidur. Leg’s healing, but it will take a time for the limp to go.  All in good time, apparently. My bike will miss me, of that I am sure. To the autorickshaw’s delight. I always wonder, how come the same trip costs less in the morning and more in the afternoon? Do the meters warm up or what? No, heat up? Apparently, along with the auto driver’s rage, when asked why it fluctuates. Not everyone is like that, though. They are amicable while they overcharge. 😀

After we returned from school yesterday and settled down after lunch, instead of settling down to work as I usually do, while Vidur tackles his schoolwork, I decided to lie down for a bit and finish a book. I had started “The undomestic goddess” by Sophie Kinsella a couple of months ago. My mom loved this author and the idea was to read the book to her, since her vision was poor in her last days. However, we never got around to it as we had other things to occupy our time. It wasn’t the Shopaholic series as we had assumed. But this book was great too. I really enjoyed it. With frequent power cuts, I often have to switch off the computer. Of course I could squeeze the laptop’s battery, but for once, I decided I would just chill for a while.  It was a nice day, yesterday.

Much later, after dinner, amid our usual jokes, we were surfing TV channels when we passed Sun TV – that Thangam is still on – and looks as though it barely moved from the time my mom last saw it. We remembered her very much as we watched about ten minutes of it – and moved on.

Come to think of it, Vidur used to be kind of extra-lively when he was around my mom. Their relationship was a treat to see. They acted as though they were the same age with Vidur often bullying her affectionately – as my mom happily reciprocated. He has grown, and grown maturer and quieter since.  As she would say – everything happens for a good reason.

Well, almost.

Here’s one of our favorite songs of Madam Noorjehan. Vidur sings it beautifully. Sigh. He sang it for his Music Teacher and she loved it.

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