Not easy

To go through loads of medical records and decide which ones to keep. I went through the whole pile today and got rid of all the bills – oh gosh – how many bills! Looking at them brought back those days of practically being tortured by the doctors – as if we were aimlessly hanging around their hospitals and clinics begging for relief. The worst was the waiting for hours and then having the doc say – oh you should have sent word!. Ha! We’ve seen how the doc mocked patients who waited outside. Sagar Hospital triggered the torture of the last few months, all thanks to our Chest Specialist at Wockhardt.  All those phone calls, trying to get hold of medicines that cost the earth, were inaccessible, and of course, totally ineffective.

I managed to feel miserable, going through all the reports – remembering, remembering and remembering every moment of every report – the laughter, the tears, and finally sadness and – the end.

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