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Life Limps Along

Yeah, as if it stops. Actually it is me who is limping along, quite cheerfully. In fact, when mobility is difficult, the number of things to do naturally increase. Some kind of twisted Murphy’s law.

So, everyone I see is asking me why am limping. To which I give them a telegraphic reply….Bike, skid, rain, fall, injury. “Any fracture?” they ask. I say, ” Oh no, thank God. Only maybe tissue damage”. They say, “Must take rest no?” I say, “Yes, I take, no?” And limp off :-). The most boring thing is remembering the medication timings – half an hour before bf, lunch and dinner. And then another before bf. Then after bf and dinner. Grrr.

We had a lovely PTA meeting at school today. The Principal treated us to a good ppt presentation about the new evaluation system and curriculum change.  Then of course, we had the usual chat session with the Class Teacher, after which we returned home. How all the kids have grown. But hey, I still had the pleasure of being “auntied” by many of them at the same time, complaining about their Hindi marks.

Took me right back all the way to the First Std, when they would readily come and cuddle up…then as they grew up, they would depend on me for stuff like project ideas and mobile phone use. Then, during the last two years, it was sharing the you-know-what type of thing and saying Hi and Bye. Now – they all seem like young ladies and young lads 😀 – in salwar kameez and full pants, respectively. But the affection certainly lingers. It was nice to see all the parents we usually chat with…like one big happy family with similar problems.

Sid is doing the vanishing act again. He has promised to turn up tomorrow to resume the work. Arrrgh! How I wish you were around to share the time pass! Sigh.

Did my stress-relieving act – which is browsing photos – and I saw this one – taken during our 2005 South Canara trip. That’s Horanadu – Sri Annapurneshwari Temple – how fabulous it was early in the morning! And then they invited us for breakfast, where they said they’d be serving poha. Turned out to be that dry kaaram poha that we couldnt’ handle. You had a lady sitting next to you, who poured her coffee into her plate, mixed the poha and ate it with relish. Ugh! 😀

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  1. Yeah – we just couldn’t continue to sit there after that 😀 Just the memory of it haunted us for a long time. Still does. 😀

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