Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

How sweet

Of Fox History & Entertainment to feature a Michael Jackson special! Reminds me of the times my mom would call me at work on a Saturday just to tell me that the cable-wala has put on the MJ Live show!

Also takes me back to those days – in the 80’s when we were yet to get cable TV – and Doordarshan had only one national channel – with just one program we could actually watch every night. Fridays (I think) or was it Wednesdays? – at the late hour of 9 pm they would have a fifteen minute program called Hot tracks from Vimal – where they’d feature just 2-3 music videos.

Far cry from today – when one can watch anything on YouTube. Even music cassettes, if we wanted to buy TDK or Sony were a princely 66 to 125 Rupees! So truly yesteryears it seems, yet those days were great fun. So imagine our amazement when cable TV came into our lives around the early nineties – and then – MTV! The original MTV that featured “Classics” from the 60’s and 70’s, with Danny McGill, Sophia Haque, Kamal Sidhu, Nonie and David Wu, the Wu man – who later gave way to some hindification of the channel. Today, of course, its impossible for us die-hard 80’s music fans to even watch MTV, which is no longer what it was. Some VH1 seems bearable though, if we can spare the time 🙂 and have the inclination.

Viva technology! At least am not worried about what am going to do with my 300-plus music cassettes on which I spent a fortune….because I can get them anytime in digital format!

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