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An Update

Was under the impression that I was recovering from being the crash test dummy – or is it mummy? Well, as things turned out, the right foot’s swelling seemed to get worse – and I had to go see the doc again. X-rays and clinical examinations done – and the good news is nothing broken. A longish prescription is now expected to take care of it. Gosh, I miss my mommy! All that fuss, the cuddling and verbal ego massage. Big Sigh.  As Kittu mama used to say, we are managing somehow. It is never nice to have a regular routine upset.

With the renovation still going on, we’re sleeping in your room and I’ve got your bed. Nice and cozy. I even wore your kurta yesterday, the red printed one and felt a lot better. Who can explain  the “feel-goodness” of these things? My only regret here is I didn’t take pictures of you wearing salwar kameez, even though it was only for a short time, because of necessity.

Still remember how you hesitated to wear a “nightie” after you accident back in 1995 – because you were not used to wearing one.  I had such a lot of convincing to do to tell you that it was fine – especially since you had a back injury and a sari was simply not convenient to handle. I really admire how you would adjust to any situation, and believe everything happened for a reason, and that things would always work out. Thank you for teaching me that, always. I am also grateful for small mercies, always. 

I also remembered the first bike fall I ever had when I took a ride on Prakash Mama’s moped back in ’87 and fell into the ditch near our house – and a passerby asked me what the time was – as if I was time-passing in the ditch! And then Preston, who had a pick up at the corner house rescued me from there. That winter was cruel!

Then the auto that accidentally ran over my foot at Raniganj in ’89 – ah – that one was actually fun. Venkittu Mama came over and we’d watch a movie almost every night!

Next in the series was the Bangalore one, back in ’91 on Raghav’s birthday – skidding off the road to avoid a derelict lying in the way! That was probably the longest “cast” time thanks to the first doc who goofed it up. 🙂
Funny thing is – I was talking to Raghav on the phone on Monday morning – and Monday afternoon had the crash! What a jinx. I also happened to be talking to Nandi – ex-IXL. Maybe all the good aura is what saved me from anything worse.

As the French say, c’est la vie!  And – this too shall pass!

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