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6 months to the day

Today is six months since I lost my mother, Devi, on Feb 8 this year. Served  “tiffin” at Seva Sadan today at 3 pm. Was thinking how she would have enjoyed seeing those kids.

I remembered how Vidur, she and I used to go on our Thursday annadanam to the Saibaba temple on Sampige road. Sometimes we would pack lemon rice, sometimes we would pack puliyodarai. Once we decided to carry buns because we saw someone distributing them and they were very happy since it was dry and could be saved for laters. Vidur coined “bunnadadam”, in place of annadanam, because we distributed buns, not annam! What a laugh we had over that!

I also remembered how we would always carry something to give away each time we left the house together. In fact, when my mother used to drop Vidur at school during his LKG and UKG, she always carried clothes or food to give the construction workers on the way. My grandfather used to do that too, I’ve heard.

By the way, I came across a lovely food blog today – Preethi’s online cookbook and really enjoyed browsing it. It was great to see all the stuff we usually make. Last week, I followed Gautam’s blog link and stopped at Jaya’s blog. We got chatting and she did a Chai Chat – Meet Freelancer Vidya Sury post on her blog today. It was nice to take stock of what I am doing today, and feel very good about it.

Strange how life goes.

In my life, it was not mata, pita, guru, deivam. It is mata, mata, guru and deivam.

For Vidur, it is mata, pita, guru, Devi.

For my mom, it was Vidur, Vidur, Vidur and Vidur 😀

So here’s Vidur, fancy dress winner when he was 3 years old.

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