Some Rewind

Something fabulous happened last Saturday – thanks to Facebook, I’ve been connecting with the wonderful Class of ’78 as well as some ex-colleagues  & friends…and was talking to Nimmi. Could have knocked my non-existent socks off when I answered the phone to Nimmi’s call last Saturday, saying she was in town. And – she came over, since I was grounded with Sid. We had a lovely time catching up on the years. Would have been nice if we had a few hours more…but hopefully we’ll connect this weekend too, if she’s here as expected.

Very warm feeling.  Nimmi looks just the same in my eyes. Funny thing is – we talked about her fall on Gunrock Enclave – and imagine – here I am – sporting a few bruises of my own! Big ha, ha.

Was supposed to go see Shubha on Tuesday – but thanks to the crash, couldn’t make it. Instead, just ended up spending the same time on the phone with her. Hopefully, will be able to make it next week – as we have a tentative date.

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