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Sicut Apis Operosa

Yes. “As Busy As Bees” It has been a lovely week – with quite a few classmates getting together and my heart totally overfloweth. Viva Facebook and Viva St.Anns, Secunderabad!

Reconnected with Fauzie, who is in Hyd and feel so wonderful. When I told her it almost seems like we’re all back in school, she jokingly told me she has a method that will make me feel old instantly, Turns out her daughter is getting married in September! She’s as beautiful as ever – remember how you always commented about her lovely hair and skin? Mmm.  Anu sent me a fab message when we caught up with what’s been happening recently. Her daughter is about to start a working career!
By the way, Sarala is in touch – and her daughter, the little gorgeous kid whose photo we still have as a baby – is an assistant director in the film industry. Wow! Her son looks cute, too. Feels so great to have so much to share with all the people who have come into our lives. It is even more hilarious when they share our experiences with their kids! Generations of friendship – how wonderful!

Also connected with Nimmi, who lives in the US. Gopu mama still remembers her tumble down the hill with that Social Studies book flying out of her hand when she zoomed down on her cycle! We all got so worried to see those multiple scratches that looked a lot worse than they were because her skin was so fair. 

Sadly, Mrs Singh, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Baria are no more. May their souls rest in peace.

To my eyes, everyone looks just the same – of course, we’ve all changed – but you know how we tend to freeze everyone the way they looked when we first met them. So classmates will always be classmates. Except they are all classy mates now! 😀 and I feel truly blessed.

The last week has been so very hectic with lots to do and also sneaking in some sickness in the form of a cold and sore throat. Vidur’s was worst as he had to go on antibiotics, while Sury managed with home remedies. Am hoping I can, too – because I am usually the slowcoach to follow with some residue of these things. Empathy? I suppose. Vidur had a school project to do for the social sciences exhibition – about Tamil Nadu. Here’s what he came up with:

Of course, done overnight – partially during a powercut. But we’d collected all the relevant info during the summer holidays. Being more experienced – decided to do it just before the event.

Ah, of course I have not bothered to go for that ENMG. Somehow, my gut feeling says I don’t need it. Uncle VVR suggested ayurveda, especially the external treatment, so am planning to go check it out next week. There, I just set myself a deadline!

Totally recharged by the restless syndrome, I decided to call our Chennama last week to help out with a one time swab, as I fell sick. Of course, she didn’t turn up when she said she would – and I ended up doing a staggered room-by-room spring cleaning. But she did turn up much much later – and amid a lot of laughter and chatting, she quickie-swabbed the entire house in about twenty minutes. That made me feel glad I had done the sweeping first :-D. It was fun.

Yesterday I began the massive project of turning out your cupboard – and I must say it is going to be a happy-sad saga. You know how like a cave that cupboard is! Never ending stuff. Have made moottais to give away – some to school, some elsewhere.

Am re-organizing the whole thing, the way we had planned, years ago, before the seemingly endless doctors’ visits filled our lives. How I wish things were different – I so miss you sitting around – the constant talking, and of course, punctuated by the welcome big tumblers of coffee for me! People sometimes apologize for reminding me of you – remembering only happens to those who forget. How can 46 years of togetherness ever be forgotten even for a minute? Some sadness will always stay because no one wants someone they love to ever stop existing. But the happy memories, of which we had plenty, will crowd our minds always – because you are an inspiration forever. Sigh.

More about the cupboards next time…because its going to take at least a week to settle off all that stuff! Gosh, so many memories associated with all of those!  

Here’s one for the road – a beautiful song from the film Yahudi by MukeshYeh mera deewana-pan hai” – that we must have heard a million times! Remember the open-air experience at the Military theater! 🙂 with the dubba of thair sadam and vadu manga packed hurriedly!

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