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Crash Test Dummy

The highlight of this week is – on the way back from school on Monday, Vidur & I had a fall off the bike. Some dopehead vroomed out of 11th Cross and to avoid a collision, I jammed brakes. Thanks to the rain, we skidded and went a little out of kilter – and crash! The next thing I knew was a good Samaritan running across to haul the bike off me – and then haul me up. Luckily Vidur got off with just a couple of minor scratches and a major shock. Probably thought – mummy, fall off bike?! Well, managed to ride back home – now am wondering how. But we humans are like that. When push comes to shove – no, CRASH! – we do the seemingly impossible.

Once we got home, I realized my top was in shreds – that tarmac can be quite cruel, I tell ya! So another one bit the dust. In spite of wearing jeans and keds, my entire right side stopped belonging to me. Apart from nasty bruises in all the key places – ankle, elbow, knee – my hip is also a pleasing shade of blue from the impact and perhaps blood clot. Curious about all the details? Visit I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say every movement is hell.  Of course, I got an ATT right away. And also got a good dose of painkillers. Awfully nervous when anyone comes within a foot of me – for fear of nudging the pain. Sigh – I am grateful that there were no buses on 8th Main that day. Could have been a lot worse. Oh – maybe I wouldn’t be writing about it, at all.

Thank you, God. As soon as am mobile, I’ll get Vidur a helmet, too. That is the priority now.

Funny thing was – just that morning, the bike went dead again, as it did on Saturday after I dropped Manchu off – and I planned to go to the Exide battery feller. But what with waiting for Sid, I was getting all worked up when I thought I’d call the battery feller and see what he could do. Amazingly, he offered to send someone across – and did. Fifteen minutes later, the bike was as good as new, because a fuse had blown off, and he replaced it in a jiffy. So – I was quite jubilant about hearing that pleasing Honda Activa idling sound again so quickly!.

It is the balance of life!

For now – we’re cool to be alive.

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