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A piece of cheesecake

It really was a piece of cake – er…cheesecake! We had the most exciting experience ever, last week. Talk about small pleasures! The Sunday morning began as usual – and after quite some time, I heard the milk crackling, to tell me that it had no intentions of joining my coffee cup. Ah well – it so happened that I was reading about making cheesecake – having gone to the bakery a couple of days ago to get Vidur a slice of the cheesecake he loves so much.  Since most foods are out of his menu, thanks to the braces, cheesecake seemed like the ideal treat.

So – back to Sunday: and the moment the milk signalled that it was a spoilt brat, I quickly sliced a lemon and squeezed it into it for good measure, to make the home-made paneer. Turns out excellently, I must say. anyway – so – quickly got the recipe out for the no-bake cheesecake, this time with the serious intention of making it. Luckily had all the ingredients on hand – so all that remained was to get going. We made the crushed biscuit base and chilled it to set it. Then, got the paneer and other things ready. There was also mango available at home. In the course of cooking lunch over the rest of the morning, Vidur and I made the cheesecake in stages since each layer must set before the next one’s added. And here’s a slice of what we came up with!

I made a round one, obviously and sliced it into 8 portions. Shucks, when I took it out of the fridge to give Vidur his first slice (two actually), I was thinking, boy, did I really make this? It looked soo like the one we bought at the bakery. So this is what they were charging us a whopping Rs.38/- for! Aha! We know the secret now. What an easy dessert to make – and healthy, too. Yum. Needless to say, the first slice we cut from it was not completely set, as we discovered. But the subsequent ones had enough time. Now I hope to be making this more often.  Cool experience!

I fondly recalled all the mango pulp you’d make and freeze for me because I loved it! Slurrrp!

Talking of braces, we had another trip to the dentist, where Vidur had the previously fixed wire removed and a new one fitted in a different spring-like pattern. This time we have to make the follow-up visit two weeks later, instead of the standard one month. Just praying it all works out the way it is expected to!

We visited Seva Sadan last week and served dinner there. Took some sweet along, after consulting them about what they preferred – Soan Papdi, they said. Otherwise they prefer elakki banana. So next time I thought I’d take the fruit along. There are eighty girls there from ages 5 to 18. And while they sang/recited their prayers we served the food, so that by the time they finished the prayer they could begin eating dinner. It was a wonderful experience to see them all cheerful – and we applaud Seva Sadan for doing such a good job. Thinking of making a long-term endowment fund there so that it is useful to them as a steady income.

On an amusing note, I had fun writing a full review of Michael Jackson, a year after his death and his legacy, impact etc. Really enjoyed doing it. Seemed like a project especially made for me. Of course,  I do enjoy every project I do for all the interesting info it brings. Yet, MJ is a childhood pal – and that made it kind of even more special.

I am taking my turn at being sick – with a sore throat, cough, fever, cold – the works. The antibiotics are working – and hopefully the body will balance itself out and settle down for the rest of the fickle-minded season! Am lucky to have lovely friends who keep me in good cheer. Old is, indeed, gold. Here’s today’s song: from one of your favorite movies “Sujata” starring Sunil Dutt and Nutan. Beautiful song by Talat Mahmood.

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  1. Never did like the taste of cheese cake but the visual really does look yummy. Happy baking!
    Reminds me of the the gay pome, Rub-a dub-dub!

  2. I am not fond of cheesecake either – but I really enjoyed making it. Vidur’s thrill at our success was priceless! 😀 Give me ajmeri kalakand any day!

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