Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

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Yes, slowly we are adjust maadi-fying. It has been a pleasantly busy week, getting some things done, and Vidur slowly getting used to the braces….although am still a bit challenged by the food choices. At any time, puree-ed food is never exciting – and when one actually has no restrictions about food, its quite aggravating to have to eat soft food. Sigh. Guess it has to be done, until a steady comfort level is reached. And by the time that happens, we’ll be due for a visit to the dentist 🙂 Talk about life’s little ironies!

Heard this lovely song by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar from Parivar (1956).

Saw this movie recently and thought how much you would have loved it, Mi. The ideal flick to see on a relaxed afternoon – we thoroughly enjoyed it. One of those totally easy on the mind type. We’ve heard this song several times on the puraani filmi geet programs on Radio Ceylon. Ah, reminded me so much of those days – in the 70’s when we’d watch movies in the open air theater at the Air Force, Military and Topchi. Military was nearest. 🙂 We used to rush there after you got back from school, after we finished dinner hurriedly at 6.45 pm so we could get the best “seats”

I remember how we once watched a movie holding umbrellas in the Military open air theater because of a sudden and unexpected shower – although that didn’t faze the movie projector or the guy operating the system one bit.  The Air Force open air theater, though a little farther away, used to air English movies – and that’s how we all saw “Eye Witness”. Paati was so impressed with that movie – she kept talking about it for days! We didn’t see that many movies in Topchi – because of its location and the hassle of getting back so late. I wonder if those open air theaters still exist. That cute Hanuman Mandir on the way from Bowenpally to Tadbund with the tailor bird nests is still there. Though am not sure if the tailor birds and that massive well still exist. Used to be such a soothing sight – the fields – the laid back buses…and during Ram Navami, the buses used to be decorated and they would distribute “pana” and “prasadam”. It was all like one big happy family.

I dream of Paati and you, often. Sometimes it is quite hilarious – and I wake up feeling quite happy. Although, its funny how Vidur is also there in those dreams :-). Today – Sury and I were talking about me going for the blood tests tomorrow  morning – and Sury inadvertently said – why not go with Paati. Which means you, Mi. Yeah – so we’re like that sometimes….and like this, vonly. After all, it is still only 4 months from Feb 8 – and memories do not switch off. We are still eating the podis you made…and will feel sad when those get over.  I will always think of you in relation to everything…after all – its a lifetime of togetherness in the most unique way, unlike the usual family. That we miss you, will always be an understatement. You live on in our hearts, in the nicest way possible. Love you, Mi. In some sense, I am glad you knew nice people and kind doctors in those last months. Sigh. Here’s a pic of all four of us in Raman TIFR:

Time for another coffee, now.

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