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Brace Yourself

Bracing myself in more than one way. So many things to deal with. For one thing, Vidur’s various visits to the dentist have culminated in a set of dental braces and he, nah, we are in the process of adjust maadi-ing. Imagine – its like practically living near the wash basin, rinsing, rinsing, rinsing because one cannot afford to have any food stuck in the mouth. Talking about food – braces means no pizza, no burgers, no chocolates, no peanut butter, no chapatis, no bread…….for a couple of years? Well – that’s how it looks like because after extracting three teeth and fixing the braces, biting into anything looks like a distant possibility, for now. But as we humans do, I guess the adjustment will happen – and “normal” will set in. Inshallah! In the meantime – its soft food, idlis, soft cooked veggies, soups, ice cream (oh yeah! small mercy!), pasta, noodles, rice. We’ll work things out, my champ and I. I found a fabulous site with info – Braces 101 – pretty comprehensive info. Here’s a cool video that talks about braces.

Was going through some old albums….and found this pic – one of my favorites of Vidur and Sury – Shringeri, December 2005

How the lad has grown….and still growing 😀 Gone are the cuddly cheeks! He now stands tall…towering over us 😀 Sometimes its hard to remember he’s only 12. Here’s a pic of Vidur and Sury again – taken last month – Bandstand, Bandra, Mumbai:

Some more bracing to do – finally got to Dr Raghu yesterday to “show the hand”. He’s suggested a slew of tests to check for arthritis. Yeeeow!. The numbness could turn out to be carpal tunnel syndrome, too – he suggested maybe nerve conduction tests….and IF it is carpal tunnel synd, then it could mean surgery. NO!. Let it not be CTS! Okay, I’ve sent my petition to God. She’s a good dude and am sure things will work out. Got medications in the meantime…the pregabalin made me a bit woozy in the morning, which is why it is prescribed as a post-dinner thingy, I guess. I remember how as kids – my friends and I used to hang our heads down and enjoy that feeling of our heads spinning. Weird how things become reality!

Ah, they’re going to air the Michael Jackson “This Is It” movie on June 25 – I remember – when the limited run happened, I hoped they’d show it on TV 🙂 and everyone laughed. Now they’re actually gonna show it on TV. Ha Ha. Lets just hope I remember to watch it. As usual, the anticipation will build up so much….it will never match the outcome. 😀 Better write it down somewhere. June 25! Can’t believe its a year since MJ passed on. But what the heck, he lives on in his music.

Yet another Brace Yourself-ing to do…..I actually cleaned my wardrobe! I deserve an award for completing this long pending task on my to-do list. Now not only do I have a clean cupboard, things arranged almost as per color, in sets….but also a huge sack full of giveaways. What bliss! I’ve also got to use this momentum to work on the other cupboards in my list. Yes, all in good time.

Heard a beautiful song after ages this morning…from the movie Vijeta (Shashi Kapoor, Rekha)  Raag Ahir-Bhairav. Asha Bhonsle sounds heavenly melodious – barely any background music. Now this song will just stick in my head – not a problem! 😀

I am now waiting for the woozy-wooz to pass. I think I’ll have some coffee.

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