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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

You Know What…

Of course you do. Your intuition always secretly freaked me out – even if I teased you about it all the time. By the way, I called Anita finally to tell her. She felt sad – and recalled that she has never met me alone in all the time I’ve known her – she has always seen us together. We talked fondly of those days when you would force her to eat 😀 whenever she visited. Roshni is in Std VII and has vacations right now. We plan to meet up soon, hopefully.

Vidur’s vacations have begun from May 1, too – and you know what? On April 29, a high school kid from their school died in an accident. Felt so bad to hear that – Sury and I were imagining his parents’ plight – his mother would have been planning what to give him for lunch – they might have probably planned to go somewhere for the holidays and booked tickets – or maybe even enrolled him in some tuition classes….all the dreams and hopes – wiped out in an instant. Must be so shattering for them. Now – I can just visualize you gearing up to tell me about Gopali! Hmm.

Here’s a funny – so laugh politely even if you don’t feel like. I now have an ABC of chat. A for Asheesh, B for Betsy, C for Corinne, and so on and so forth. Incidentally, Corinne is a little pissed off with me because I wrote here and haven’t done the long-promised Wednesday post for her blog. Well – I will. I just need a kick in my backside to get started 🙂 which I am sure she’ll oblige with.

We created history again, Mi – our blue clothes bin is (drumroll) EMPTY. For 4 full hours. Yes – everything was washed – even the last of those “handwash” thingies. Of course, it didn’t stay empty for long, since that’s ridiculous. But still 😀 What a feeling – you know what I mean!

Even our verandah is CLEAN. After Sury scraped out all the pigeon guano. Very thoughtfully, it rained soon after that, saving us the hassle of washing the verandah. Well – what can I say – the wretched pigeons appreciated our efforts and have begun to shit again. Who knows, maybe they are even thanking us for cleaning up – so they can mess it up again. Rascals.

A few days ago, I opened the verandah doors as usual after starting the coffee in the morning…and found that pipe area dripping. Obviously the pests upstairs had been using the sink in their verandah, and the water was flowing down ours. Yuck. Went and yelled at her – and she, moron that she is – responded like a – moron. Maybe she stopped using the sink – am not sure, but for the next couple of days there hasn’t been a flow. I think they’re being cautious, because I see the trickle down the pipe.  Ugh. Talking of washing and verandah – we’re paying more than 1K for water now – they have to bring in tankers all the time and of course we get stuck with the massive bill.

Finally – we saw the end of the sambar podi we made together, Mi. We even kept the sambar for a couple of days and savored it. Now I will have to make it on my own. 🙁  I am yet to find that diary in which we wrote some recipes. I remember it was with that Tarla Dalal book in the kitchen…then we shifted it. Haven’t gotten around to serious searching. Looks like I’ll only do it in an emergency. I cleaned out the pooja room and imagined how you would have stood there and appreciated it. 🙂

Last Sunday, Vidur made Sury and me watch Noorjehan’s Jugnu. It was enjoyable. Vidur is currently besotted with Noorjehan and is keenly working on a blog dedicated to her We find it quite sweet. How engrossed he gets with anything that catches his interest! From Amman, to Micheal Jackson, Spice Girls, Black Eyed Peas, Diana King, Beyonce, Missy Eliot, Greek Mythology, Folk Tales, Suraiya, to Madam Noorjehan. We are enjoying the ride. And wish you were here too, to enjoy it with us.

By the way, you know Vidur is insisting on wearing only full pants now. Refuses to wear the shorts. So we went on another shopping trip and got two pants for him – which, amazingly, he tried on right away. Perfect fit. So yesterday we went back there and got three more. I actually bought some more ‘ladies’ t-shirts for me.With the powercuts galore, its awfully warm here – uh oh – I said it and the power went.

I remembered our old summer holidays when you would insist that I did some math every day and also wrote a couple of pages of Hindi and English 😀 – then later, as I grew up, you made the projects more complex. If we went anywhere, I had to write an essay about my trip. What fun we used to have doing your exam paper corrections – and laugh our heads off at the English essays some of the students wrote. Sigh. All seems like another life!

Here is a pic we all like – Vidur’s first birthday – wow! remember what fun we had! I’ll never forget the feeling at hearing Dr Paresh Desai’s voice for the first time in the operating theater, semi-conscious – I thought Kochat had somehow landed up there 😀 How ridiculous. What lovely memories. For those who don’t know: from L to R- it is Dr Paresh Desai, You(Devi), Me (Vidya) carrying Vidur and Cheenu Anna.

Okay. I have plans to peruki thodai the house, or at least a part of it. Cheapest keep-fit strategy 😀 Needs doing, gives mental peace, is productive and – ah, makes me sweat! Just wish you were here to make those couple of coffees and suggest a change in arrangement! Hmm…

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