Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Three-gether, back home.

After a little over a week-long break, we’re back in Bangalore, nay, Bengaluru, to our very own power-cuts and all the other routine things. The weather, however, is quite lovely, thanks to the thoughtful rains we’re being served, late in the day. We can actually survive without a fan in the early hours of the day – talk about the balance of life! This morning, when I opened the verandah doors, I was pleasantly greeted by chilly air – and I actually shivered! Mmmm….indeed.

Mumbai, or Bombay, as I will always refer to it was a lovely interlude, in spite of the weather. Just the sight of VT and Kala Ghoda made me want to spend time just walking around. As it is, we couldn’t go to our usual book-lined streets in Church Gate. I did get to see my alma mater in Bandra, though. Even saw my classroom VI B, now IA. That old mango tree was still there, pruned nicely. At the entrance, the pretty little grotto stood there, with the culvert opposite it, where Paati, Gopu mama and Kittumama and manni and I would sit when they visited. I walked around to the boarding side and there it was, just as it used to be. Took me back in time – one day – when I had not washed my white shoes and applied some chalk hurriedly, hoping to fool the supervisor. Of course, the supervisor was far wiser – and tweaked me by the ear, pulling me out of the line going into the dormitory. Ah, and till 11 pm or so, at night, I was kneeling outside the door, along with a few other girls, who were also punished for various things. Seems funny to think of it now. They would even make us kneel on grains of sand to make it a bit worse. 

Also reminded me of probably the only pic of you and me at the time: how comic I looked with that freaky haircut you and Krithi gave me! You look sweet, of course, as you always did.

I remembered the lovely cards and letters you would write me, when I was in the hostel during that year. At the time, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was there – I even thought I had been abandoned in a different city. Weird, but that’s probably how a 9-year old mind works, especially after being enrolled into the third school in six years. Ah, I do wish I had been able to visit Little Flowers. I probably should have, considering how well Mumbai is connected. Sigh. I would have liked to know whether any of the old teachers are still there. We only spoke to Ms.Rosy back then and am not sure who’s surviving. Its really strange to feel mentally young while visiting the old haunts – and realize that the adults we knew back then may a/ no longer be alive b/ no longer recognize us c/ may have moved away – all very strong possibilities.

It was great to visit all the places we’d seen years ago – and show them to Vidur. Overall – a major learning experience.

So we’re back to our routine – and am looking forward to work, which I guess, is the purpose of any break from it. Some sadness prevails, but I hope that will be sorted out. Always takes two hands to clap. Nothing is ever one-sided in life. Strong relationships tide over these things, don’t they? Who’s perfect, after all?

We’re planning to visit ISKCON soon for the Akshayapatra Scheme.

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