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Some Flashback!

Its vacation time for Vidur and naturally, we end up talking about a lot of things he did as a child. 😀 Oh, parents!. Funny thing is how kids go through the phase where they a/ want to hear about their babyhood b/don’t want to hear about it c/ want to hear about your childhood! d/ want to hear about the grandparents childhood. Well, yesterday was about his – and the talk came around to sweets – for one of his birthdays – third, I think, we made mysorepak – about a 200 pieces because he insisted on distributing to everyone in our building, his school, and Nightingale’s Elders Home which is quite close to our place.

Now this – naturally – had to lead to the Punyajanam incident when Vidur was 11 days old. Kondu mama, Gopu mama, the mannis were also there and what fun it was! I told Vidur about the tray of mysorepak we made and kept on the window sill to cool – and how it fell right side up on the second floor – and then how we managed to tip it off from there to the ground floor, still right side up!!. The haalat of the tray was pathetic – all smashed up, but the sweet was intact!  Here’s a pic of us on that Punyajanam day.

I also recalled to him about the daily trips the two of you would make around the campus; then our lovely trips to Fashion Street and the long walks along the seaside. What a golden time! When you made dosas in the Bhaskara house kitchen, we could smell it on the way home in the corridor!

Incidentally, I was blasting off some Prince and while looking at the next song to play – found “Every Breath You Take” and instantly burst out laughing. The Bass Guitar! How hilarious! I must ask Ravi to look for some music am unable to find. Ah, Ravi – he went on a trip to Europe during the time we went to Mumbai and see who he met in Florence:

Totally cool, eh? I just love this pic. Two favorite people in a single frame.  He’s taken a whole lot of pix and you know what a fab eye he has – obviously can’t reproduce them all here – but I’ve been drooling over them. Ah, I want to go to Europe too. I just began saving! 😀 And talking of Kamal, we saw Panchatantiram again for the umpteenth time and enjoyed every moment of it all over again!

Here’s a lovely thought for the day, related to the power of a positive attitude:

Rain – you can complain about it, or try to have fun jumping in the puddles. You’re going to get wet either way so you might as well have fun.

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