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Happy Mothers’ Day, Mi!

Happy Mothers’ Day, indeed. Last year was so different. Just this morning I was thinking of how you would advise me to always be sweet to Vidur. 🙂 Here’s a photo of us together (luckily scanned!) in 1994. I wonder what we were laughing so much about! I meanly cut off Prema aunty whose knees you can see in the pic, so that it would be just the two of us. Remember that saree so well – which we got during one of our strolls down Parrys’ Corner. And my dress – Ladies Choice in Park Lane, Sec’bad. Gosh…how many years I kept wearing it – and when I gave it to Sunita, she looked great in it! 😀 – they made bizzy lizzy like that those days.

By the way, I submitted this blog to – who were planning to create a Mommy Bloggers ebook for Mothers Day. Mine is entry no.19 in the ebook on Page 11. Feels real good to be listed there.

Finally, I’ve taken a week off work to just chill. Would have been so nice if you’d been here! I can just imagine how busy we would have been – making all those annual podis and what not. Spring cleaning, shifting furniture – our favorite activity. Who knows, gradually I might also do all that, after all – habits do die pretty hard, if at all. Vidur has gone to music class as usual today. Got to go get the cooking started. Yesterday, we had power cuts practically every alternate hour and found it awfully disorienting. Disgusting too, naturally. I actually dozed off in the afternoon. Ah – Sury bought a smart pair of shoes, at last, yesterday!! They look real cool.

I am an oily moily today – got to watch out for the next power cut and wash my hair. Otherwise it can be torture to sweat with oily hair. Ugh. Ok..back later. Hugs, Mi. 🙁 You would have made me buy new clothes etc. today. Incidentally – this year we did not even notice Akshaya Trithiyai. You would insist we buy at least a handful of manjal kizhangu (turmeric) which is equal to gold, you said. Prayers are all I have now – and I am confident you are watching over me. Here’s a song you loved and made me sing when I was in school – remember how you adapted it to Teachers Day also? Here goes:

Hello, Mothers, and how are you today?
Its lovely to see the smile on your face and spark in your eyes!
Its Mothers Day and we have gathered here
To wish you cheer all through the years for ever and aye!
Our hearts can never tell, our words do not as well
Express all that we feel Mothers dear…
But we have gathered here,
To sing with heart and voice
Hello, Mothers dear
Hello, Mothers dear!

Ah, I even remember what I wore and how I stood, with elbows sticking out and hands just so!

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