Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Ubbar Singh!

That’s you, Mi! Our Ubbar Singh!

Since early morning today, I’ve been thinking of this and laughing on and off. Now – the rest of the world is going to find it a bit tough to understand. Of course, Sury and Vidur will easily understand. 

Ok – it is like this: As usual I got up and started coffee. Not so ‘as usual’ I made dubba for both Sury and Vidur today, being chapati day for Vidur. Well, the dear bhindi made, I kneaded the dough for the chapati. Was thinking – how you would have loved the consistency. Hmm..then I rolled out the fellers – and was thinking of how fascinated I was as a kid, when you would effortlessly make chapaties by the dozen and stylishly frisbee them on to the container. Sigh.

As I watched the first paratha begin to swell – I thought of you telling me – “press it – it won’t hurt” – and I thought of the Gabbar Singh/Sholay dialog:

Arre O Saambha… kitna inaam rakkhe hai sarkaar ham par?
Sambha: Poore pachaas hajaar..
Gabbar: Soona.. poore pachas hajaar.. aur yeh inaam isliye hai ke yaha se pachas pachas kos door gaanw me jab bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kahti hai “beta soja ..soja nahi to gabbar singh aa jaayega”.

 …and so on and so forth.

Now – cut to our kitchen:

Arre O Saambha…kitne paraathe hain? 
Sambha: Poore chche
Ubbar: Poore chche! aur yeh paraathe kisliye hain?  teen Sury ke dubba aur teen Vidur ke dubba ke liye. Subeh jab Vidya tave pe roti daalti hai, kehti hai “paratha, soojh ja….sooojh ja, nahi to Ubbar singh aa jaayegi. Aur yeh chche h***** j***** agar naa soojh sake tho – Ubbar singh kaa naam poora mitti me milaay diye..iski sajaa milegi…..baraabar milegi…..”

heheheh. See – am so mad am laughing at my own “joke”. I thought of it because I always secretly wondered how each and every paratha or roti you made ALWAYS ballooned up? Thus I christened you Ubbar Singh this morning. And when I thought of Ubbar Singh – I thought of Gubbar Singh. :-D. Oh, how I missed telling you – we would have both laughed our heads off. Okay – the pronunciation is a bit off – but that we can swalpa adjust maadi. 

(Note: In tamil, “Ubbaradu” is to bloat – thus roti ubbaradu, poori ubbaradu”)

Ok…so am going senile? 😀 I must be…considering all that I do. The whole morning was inundated with phone calls. I got calls asking me the same old questions. I remembered how you would recite the terms along with me – without saying them aloud, just moving your lips 😀 Well, a lot of people call and say something like  “I haven’t received the acknowledgment to the document dated September 2008. Can you send it to me?”

But of course I can. Do I have anything, anything at all, better to do than hold that document dated just two years ago and wait for that call, so I can finally send the acknowledgment? Sigh.

Uma phoned after ages today. And as usual we had a jolly chat – remembering you for so many things. Now we’ve made plans to drop off some stuff to that RK Foundation pick up point on Thursday. 😀 let’s see.  Can you believe I have not seen her after she came to the hospital on Feb 8? Hmm.

As usual (maybe I should have titled this post ‘as usual’??) I felt too lazy to make chapatis for myself and had curd rice with vadu manga (mango pickle in brine) instead. 😀 That supreme combo is unbeatable. Imagine – spellcheck underlines combi but not combo!

Okay Mi – more later. (not morinjaam). Have loads to do. 😀 Hugggggs….. I miss that too!

(By the way – I sneakily changed the ‘we’ in the lizzie hunt to ‘Sury’ in yesterday’s post 😀 after Sury pointed it out!)

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