Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

If you had been around…

I am one totally harassed individual here, Mi. And the heat is not helping any. Going through all kinds of minor health stuff – unexplained tummy aches, head aches and what not. Needless to say, wish you were here to soothe me with all those yummy home remedies. You know, sometimes I do get a bit bugged with you for dying off like that suddenly. We used to joke all the time about the “when am no more” stuff, but I can assure you it is not in the least bit funny. No.

The last two days Sury has been suffering a fate worse than death – yeah, you guessed it – a toothache. I was thinking if you had been around you would have suggested all sorts of things for it. He even ate rasam rice last night. I remember how I suffered from that last tooth severely for 3-4 days and suddenly it stopped. Self-healing I suppose. My body must have gotten quite exasperated with my non-action about the pain…and decided to heal itself. Anyway, Sury claims he’s feeling better today. But I got awfully worried yesterday.

Vidurkut is eagerly waiting for the holidays to begin. 🙂 If you had been around – you would have taaji-fied him every single day, doing a count-down type thing. As it is, the poor baby just hates getting up in the morning – you know how ‘sugam’ it is to have the fan on, cool room, radio on with nice old songs….I seriously don’t see myself getting up eagerly! So why should he? Sigh. Meeti Neend

Incidentally, those clothes we so eagerly bought last week did not fit… so we had to go right back and exchange them. We delayed it by a couple of days because of the rain and felt too lazy to step out. But Mi, you should see 8th cross now – so cheerful and colorful. I miss you! We planned to take a walk down the road…now we are only taking walks down memory lane 🙁

You know there was a strong breeze when we went out to get something the other day – rain looked imminent, but apparently changed its mind and never did show itself. But leaves were falling and the twilight ambiance was beautiful. The mauve, pink and yellow flowers looked absolutely gorgeous – and I remembered, how, as a child, you would tell me – each time a leaf fell on my head – that God was especially blessing me. I thought of that and longed for your presence again. You know what, though? I am pretty sure you are around me, although not physically. We all kind of feel it, I think.

Hey by the way, Mi – that Thiruppavai got over I thnk. 🙁 Wish I’d seen the concluding part. Now there are new serials – all megas – if you had been around, it would have been such fun – with you so anxious to somehow make me also see the first episode. Vidur would have also ganged up – and we would have criticized the hell out of it. Sigh.

I am feeling somewhat harassed because of too many things to do. Pending on one side – and new stuff just piling up. Sometimes I think I’ll have a nervous breakdown and I just laugh at myself, make The List – and carry on as best as I can. On that note – let me break here. More later. Here’s a pic for you: you love it. Baba getting num-num.

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