Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

I am sneezing again!

Guess what Mi! I can sneeze and yawn again! Wow! Whatta relief it is. Got a little scared with that back catch you know – because the doc felt it could be pleura related 🙁 Well – I am so grateful to fate for ruling that out. Now it is much better. I have two more days’ med to take. Okay – so I have a nasty cold with a freaky cough – but that could mainly be because I drink yummy COLD milk at night to keep me from dozing off over work. I don’t see any point in orakkuthifying the left over milk at night because it doesn’t curdle well. Becomes a chakkai – thanni type that doesn’t even taste good. In fact, often milk gets spoilt while boiling these days. I boil it and cool it – then orakkuthify it. Turns out into nice paneer like consistency. I separate the whey water and drink it. And eat the solid part chilled. Just love it.

Our milkman is also a late lateef. Today I boiled a Goodlife milk packet and Sury didn’t like it at all. 🙂 I remembered how you never used to like it – said it tasted so ‘false’ which is exactly the word Sury also used to describe it! But it is good to use in payasam and kesari. Or any other recipe that needs milk, because it is much thicker than our Nandini milk.

Yesterday we were feeling sad thinking about Feb 8. Sometimes it is so scary to relive that time. We fed lunch to 80-odd children at Seva Sadan yesterday. I have also arranged for April 15, your birthday. Thinking of taking a sweet or bananas. Will talk to the lady in charge and then decide.

The weather is awfully hot – with almost 5-6 hours power cut. Right now am sweltering here – I thought I would make the coffee when the fan is on. Sure enough, I got back home after dropping Vidur with ‘peggies’ and had to leg it up the stairs. Hrrrmpphhh! Sury was just leaving and was about to take the bag from me – I shoo-ed him off. Remember how he always insists on doing all the carrying? We used to tease him saying that if he could, he would probably do a Hanuman and carry us all too!

I am into eera thundu these days. Like a waiter, I always have a damp towel around my neck. Obviously look like a nut – but then…a cooler nut because when I fan myself with a card it is that much nicer than not having the thundu.  I remember how we used to soak a bed sheet and spread it across two chairs placed apart when we were at C-6, switch on the fan and sit under the sheet like a tent. So cool! Then we got our heavy duty air cooler. I am sure we still have the tube we used to fill it every day. Gosh – how cold our bedroom used to be! In fact, the whole house would be cool in the morning for at least 2 hours after we switched it off!. You used to insist that Sudha, who was pregnant with Varun at that time, come and sleep in our house because Shivu was away for a month. I am sure if you could have, you would have had just about anyone in to make them comfortable!

We are really looking forward to the weekend – it is second Saturday and Vidur is relieved. He is excited about seeing some of the movies he ordered, subject to power availability of course. Multiple breaks. Sometimes there is power for one hour – and none for the next hour. The irritating thing is it is unscheduled.

The space above my upper lip feels all dehydrated you know – probably from wiping off sweat. We changed the arrangement in your room again – and put the cot back where you used to sleep, in line with the open verandah door – being the only source of air during a power cut. Also – if there is one of those summer showers, we don’t want the bed going damp near the window when the water therichufies from the ventilator. We put the bookshelf where my cot used to be, with the chest of drawers near the window, so that room can look brighter. Didn’t move the TV unit though. The only thing now is to clear out all the excess/unnecessary stuff. I told Sury and he’s quite enthu about doing it together.  Really, with his help, this moving/shifting business seems to barely take any time! Otherwise remember how I would huff and puff with you feeling sorry for me? We would want to change things and keep it clean by the time Vidur got back home!

Hmmm…Seems like another life, Mi – as indeed it is. Just the three of us at home – and we always hang around your room. I remember how you would always say Sury seems to like that room best. One of the reasons is the brightness of course. This half of our house is bathed in sunlight. I am making a list now of what to do to do a full clean up. Am a little tired of the stuff we have accumulated and am keen to clear that clutter.

Let  me make that list now. Needless to say – we wish you were here. Me, most of all, for the constant inspiration and encouragement you seemed to have an unlimited supply of. I love you, Mi. Here is a pic of Sury and Vidur, from March 2008. Wonder what Vidur was so amused about?

Gosh, the height difference is reversed now – with Vidur being almost a whole head taller than Sury. He wore white full pants for the first time today – and oh, how you would have loved to see him in all-white!

Seriously – the coming summer holidays should have been such a lovely time for us – with all the movies we would have enjoyed watching together – especially with you recovering so rapidly. But God had other plans. 🙁 As usual, he disposed!

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