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How Time Lies

We’ve come such a long way, it seems. Time not only flies, but also lies. Depending on circumstances, it seems like a long time, or just yesterday.

When I went to pick Vidur up from school today, guess who tapped my shoulder? Ms Ambili – and she had Mahith with her! A miniature Ambili miss – and he is in Std I – can you believe it? Seems like just the other day when Vidur was telling us ‘enga miss-ku papa poraka poredu‘. Then we went and visited her and held the baby in our arms…and saw him again a couple of times during the School Annual Day functions!. Gosh – as Ms Ambili and I were recalling Vidur’s primary school days, Mahith must have lowered and raised the footrest on both sides of my bike at least 20 times! Restless little fella he was. So sweet he looked. And when they left, he said ‘bye! very charmingly as she led him away. Now, you just can’t stop me – it behoves me to produce Vidur’s pic on his first day at school! Here we go!

What a little packet he was! Mmmm. Yes, quite the nostalgia queen here.

Vidur and I watched uran khatola a couple of days ago … and guess what? He was doing kuru kuru – and just like you – kept saying – konjam pakkathla, konjam inda side kaal vei... remember those soft padded fingertips you loved so much! This movie had o door ke musafir – remember how beautifully Sury sings it!  You enjoyed it so much while rolling parathas when we were in Raman, TIFR. Here – let’s enjoy it again!

By the way, Vidur and I watched your favorite serial thiruppaavai on 29th – and a lot has happened. Govindan has thirundified, that kannan’s mother and father are united. Kodhai visits them and ashadu-vazhinjufies. Thyagu knows that Lakshmi is his daughter. Only thing left is for Desikachari to join the gang of happies. They will probably wind it up soon. Hmm. Am curious to see how it ends. They usually do a good job. 😀 Like Vidur says – the best thing is they actually END it.

Ok…More laters.

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