Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

And not for the obvious reasons! Its sweltering out here, Mi – and every time I see the Horlicks carton, I think of you fanning yourself 😀 and how Vidur would sneak in between you and the fan! My head is constantly damp. I keep thinking I will get a short haircut and then of course, fickle thing that I am about haircuts, can’t make up my mind. Am thinking – chop it off in haste and repent in leisure for months to come? No way. Better to champi it and wash it often and bliss – plait it and wear it up – than cut it – feel great for a day – and then hide it under the helmet in the heat (so lyrical no?) Worse still – have it go even thinner. Yuuuck!. So. Status Quo is what it is going to be. Max maybe a trim post-amavasai. If you were here, you would have soaked and ground methi. 🙁 and made me apply it. Here’s a pic of Vidur and me when he was nine months old which you used to love:

I went to Reliance after a long gap today. Guess what – I really thought my eyesight is going nuts. There were two guys at two counters looking identical. I looked like the person-going-blind-and-trying-to-convince-herself-she’s-not. Blinking away. Then I asked him – “brother, eh?”. He said ‘Yeah’. He even had a lower lip piercing. – a snake bite in fact. Looked quite cool. Then unable to control myself – I asked him “Twins eh?”. He said “Yeah”. Sigh. I wasn’t going blind after all. Yet. Talking of doubles – that Nandini on 11th main has a little chap, who has an almost identical looking brother in the Nandini on 17th cross. And – the owner of the same Nandini has a similar looking brother in the 17th Cross shop!

Back home as Peggy,  I prayed and prayed there should be electricity, because we have unscheduled powercuts all the time. Phew  – and the lift worked too. Had to fumble for the housekey though :-). Made a beeline for the kitchen to un-peg and make coffee. I felt rather happy about getting up early today and making dubba for Sury also. I really missed you this morning – more than usual – because I kept thinking about how you would keep asking what am doing. In my mind I kept telling you, too.

So – as I told you – Annual Day this year will most likely be in mid-April – and practice is on full-scale. Vidur was asked to look for a good script – and you know what? After a bit of searching, he sat and wrote his own story and script. I loved it. His teacher praised him for the effort – but they decided to use another story because they needed something of a longer duration. But I plan to publish this. They had to go for practice on Good Friday – and Vidur wore full pants – you remember those light blue trousers? That lovely material. Well – Vidur looks very cool in them. How worried we were about buying this because he insisted he wanted them! I carried some Mango and Orange juice at the end of the practice when I went to bring Vidur back. It was like old times. Neeta was there – and we chatted about St Anns and life back then for a while.

Yesterday I was desperate for a kuru kuru – and Sury jokingly suggested I should go for a massage and ask them for a kuru kuru instead! I couldn’t stop laughing of course.

By the way, that blasted pain/muscle pull hasn’t left me yet. Got to follow up on it today. It doesn’t let me yawn or sneeze! Can’t help thinking it must be tummy-related. Just a gut feeling 😀 you know. I was just talking to a friend – and am motivated to find out whether I ought to be taking any Calcium supplements, I read the a few reviews on Mind Pro, they seem to have good benefits and the Mind Lab Pro Price for them is great – or just wait for it to get worse or a bone crack. Chee.

Okay. Let me get on with it. My biggest challenge is to make parathas for myself now – for lunch. Grrrrr.

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