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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Wish You Were Here, Naturally.

You might think that after being in a job that involved field work – and being out in the 47 degree sun – I might be kind of blase about a mere 41 – but no, Mi. 🙂 The stamina has depleted. I can only think about the racks of Sprite (baaki sab bakwaas), the baskets of oranges, the yummy ice-creams we enjoyed through summer and laugh my head off. Not to forget the frozen mango pulp. Mmmm.


I took a break because I was away on audit at our favorite city. Very enlightening trip – we were practically the perfect foursome! 70-65-57-46 does work! It’s all in the mind, you see! Apart from work, I had a whale of a time with Ranjit. I met him outside where Sangeet should have been. An evening of total laughter – sitting in the open air at Secunderabad Club. Not surprisingly, it was very like turning the clock back  to one of several such evenings. God bless him. Only regret was – I forgot to take a pic of him. In my eyes, he looked exactly the same as he did, thirteen years ago – as it is that long since I saw him last. The only difference this time was we didn’t walk – we drove. That guy rocks. He even had ‘Di di’ by Khalid playing in the car. Kya nostalgia! Remember how we’d enjoy ‘Serbi serbi’!

Yesterday Vidur watched ‘Jugnu’ on YouTube. He claims you watched it with him and loved the songs and story. Am sure. We were so bored with food yesterday – and after breaking our heads over what to eat – decided to make ‘adai’. So I soaked, ground and made. We ate it with refrigerated butter :-D. I recalled how you said we should make it one of these days. I think the next time I make adai, I should add finely chopped onions to it. The remaining batter is sitting in the fridge.

Actually, it is the hottest this year – the weather I mean. Feel so lethargic – the mere thought of doing something is tiring. In spite of that, I’ve managed to clear up some of Vidur’s notebooks. Which reminds me, I also have to check the ‘machu pichu’ for all those old answer sheets Vidur did with you in the past. Aarrrgh!. Wish you were here – Sigh

By the way, it was Sree Ram Navami on March 24 – and Vidur and I recalled how, one year, a few years ago – you both read the Sundara kaandam from his Amar Chitra Katha ‘Ramayana’. What a lovely memory!

Did I tell you I finally made the dosai molaga podi? 🙂 One evening, while deciding what to have for dinner, we zero-ed in on dosai. No sambar. So I thought why not do the emergency thingy and quickly roasted and ground. Turned out nicely.

Incidentally, I am wearing one of your nighties….the pink one. I remembered how you would always insist that I wear any new nightie or sari first before you wore them. “Yaar koduvai?” “Chia koduvai” – remember how Shnu wouldn’t allow you to wear ‘my’ saries? 🙂

Each morning we look at your photo as soon as we are up. And each time we pass the puja room, which is many times. We also peep into your room first thing in the morning. In our hearts, you are still amidst us. Yesterday Sury was telling Vidur – how he used to keep scolding him, telling him not to sprawl on your bed. Sigh. And Vidur said “paati is the only one who understands the deal”. Deal? Yeah!

Me, of course – I quickly tell you everything that happens in my mind. 😀 Which reminds me – there’s a huge mall – Mantri – that has opened near Sampige theatre – largest in Asia. For us, it means huge traffic jams and the necessity to find new routes to go where we want. Luckily we confine ourselves to our dear ole area…which means we’re paidal wherever we go (with me complaining half the time of course, much to the amusement of Sury).

Talking of walking – I am keenly thinking of resuming (eh? resuming? ha ha) daily walks. Am going nuts sitting, working in this weather. Moreover, need the exercise. Some toning up you know. Let anyone dare call me plump. :-D.  When it comes to me, am always euphemistic. Hey, you know I am like that – fully diplomatic – with people I think might take offense or feel hurt – unless I think they deserve to.

Guess what – am reading a Perry Mason – The case of the horrified heirs – quite interesting.

So – Vidur’s exams got over on 20th…and we’re expecting results on 29th. These are his ‘golden holidays’ sans homework. Then, April 1 onwards, it’s ho to Class VIII. Can you believe it? In full pants, no less!

Am sad you’re not around to go school shopping. 🙁 We long for a scene like this again:

From I love you, mom

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  1. Haddock, aka Jim Reeves, 47 is not just real hot. It’s really really hot. And its hotter when your only choice is a non-A/c Ambassador the entire day :-D. Each day, I’d have a different pattern on the visible parts of my skin – thanks to the scorching dry sun. But I love Hyd anyway.

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