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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Where does the time go?

Yesterday – again – was a full morning with us wanting to go through all the albums with photos – and we also wanted to listen to those naadi joshiyam tapes. So in a sense, rather than writing here, I was actually looking at you all morning! 🙂 and it was wonderful. Right from that photo in Little Flowers, to the teeny weeny 2″ x 2″ pictures in black and white – to the Kodak moments – to the digicam moments were all lovely to relive again. Yeah, I know it is either relive or ‘live again’ – but then – somehow the two words seem to ‘go’ together. Then after that – it was some rushed cooking, bathing, eating, bringing Vidur from school, and then the Thursday meeting. After that, there’s not much time except to organize dinner, eat and wind up some work – and then sleep. Weather is hot and horrible. One might as well be in Chennai, considering that as soon as we bathe, we begin to sweat.

This morning, Vidur sang ‘Bulbulo mat ro’ in the Friday assembly program as a special item. The mic didn’t work. But he was fairly audible. And it was a lovely scene with the tree right behind laden with yellow flowers. Reminded me of the first time we came to Bangalore back in ’91 – when we stopped abruptly in awe when we saw that tree in Cubbon Park – a mass of yellow flowers in bunches, standing tall and grand. Our 9th cross boasts of mauve flowers. Soon the sampige will scatter the roads — remember how we used to pick those up and slip them into the shelves for their fragrance? How Vidur used to pick up all those little mangoes on our walks around the area – especially to the ‘estate’. I remember how we found love-apples one day in the compound!

So in the rush today morning, I couldn’t have coffee – boo hoo, sniff sniff. I thought it is better to come back and have it aaram se instead of gulping it down. By the way that silly Nandini cooking butter seems out of stock everywhere. No supply they say. Can’t bring myself to buy ghee. I will go without ghee until I find the butter. He he. Today I also checked out dosai milagai podi…but just like me, saw a few brands and non-brands and decided not to buy. After all, that’s so easy to make. We’ve all been spoiled by our unique recipes and find it tough to compare. We are downright snooty. In this instance, its a healthy snooty!

You know those pigeons are driving me crazy. No sooner than I clean the verandah, they are back to shit in it. It is very irritating. I don’t think we’ve done so much potty cleaning for Vidur as we are doing for the pigeons. Sury’s take is – maybe they think we are cleaning up the place for them. Excuse me! and that moaning all the time. Grrrrrrrrr. Disgusting. And they are not even afraid when I yell waving a stick. May I look hilarious to them. Nasty rascals.

I’ve made an album with some photos of you, with the idea of scanning and posting pics here. Still many albums to go through.  You know what a sucker I am when it comes to photos – I could sit and see them all day. I think I enjoy the feel-good experience – and that’s why I love that time-travel – with nice memories and not so nice memories.

Its so cute when Vidur looks amazed that I can sketch and shade 🙂 I showed him something I had sketched and he insists I should teach him. I’ve promised to help him – but after his exams. Suddenly March 8 is just three days away! Please pray for him. The number of lessons he has to study is mind-boggling. You know the KV routine! Of course Sury is not worried – but we tend to get all pareshaan, no? We were recalling how you used to systematically make Vidur do his homework – then during the exams you would prepare question papers for him and make him study that way. What fun it was. Then after that hospitalization in 2007, you couldn’t cope anymore and Sury just seamlessly took over supervising Vidur’s studies. 

You know, I’ll have to clear out quite a lot of stuff. I just don’t know where to begin. I tried to analyze my starting problem – and I feel it is perhaps because I have no company to do it. Alone, it is tough. Remember how we just went down to the garage one day and cleared it up in 2 hours? I wish you were there now – you would nag me till I did what I intended to – and I loved that. All followed by an aromatic ‘tumbler’ of ‘kaapi’

I still can’t believe you’re gone. Ayyo…I wanted to tell you something, now I can’t remember what it is. I keep expecting you to look at me like this:

Vidya Sury

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  1. Hi Vidya,
    I just love your blogs…especially these about your mother. I have written some stuff on my late parents too and I completely relate to you missing her so much.


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