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Remember The Time

Happy Women’s Day!

Vidur’s exams began today Mi. And we were recalling how you would have smooched him luck. Poor chap is still feeling under the weather. He woke up cheerfully enough but looked as though he was wilting. Well, I dropped him right up to his class at school. I know you’re up there, watching over him and making sure he’s well. ‘Kozhandai moonji sundi poiduthu di’ you would have said :-). The best Sury and I could do is coddle him and make him feel loved. You know how that takes care of half the treatment for Vidur, God bless him! The weather is atrociously hot.

Was watching the Filmfare awards show last night with Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan clowning around. Good fun – our dear ‘Masakali’ is going great guns. Me, I love the song’s attitude. A R Rahman, in his humble way calmly accepted his award and mentioned that by the way, its his 25th award and quietly walked off :-). Just like him, no? Shahid Kapur paid a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Ah, Michael Jackson. Took me right back to 1995 ~ when one Saturday I had to go to the office to get some presentations ready for the coming week. No sooner had I got there, than you phoned me to say that there was a 3 hour live show being telecast on cable TV. After all the arguing about having to work the weekend, I promptly packed up and came back home to enjoy the show, while working. What a lovely show that was!  The energy was amazing. Another person whose energy is amazing is you 😛 and here you go: One of my very favorite pictures:

I was recalling that time in 1995 when you had that fall from the second floor at school. The staircase was being renovated and some loose cement made you slip all the way to the ground floor and sit with a thud. Miraculously, you didn’t suffer any broken bones – although it was too early to tell. The scratches and scraped skin were painful though. Annapurna called me at work right away and I rushed down. Took you home. You were able to move but had some pain in the back. We visited Dr J K Rao in the evening and had X-rays done. He advised you to wear this lumbar sacral belt and take complete bed rest for 6 months, expect to go to the loo and bathe. No bending, no lifting weights – no strain of any sort. I used to leave everything for you on the table by your bed and go to work. I’d manage to make it home for lunch and we’d joke and eat together. Slowly as you felt better, you would try to make coffee in the kitchen and drop quite a few things. 🙂 I had strictly told you to leave them as they were. And we would laugh our heads off when I returned home in the evening and picked up everything.  We didn’t tell anyone about your accident because we were afraid they’d land up here and we would end up looking after them – rather than you!

What strikes me most about our time together was how we trivialized all problems and laughed a lot, being cheerful regardless of whether we were broke, hurt physically, or had any kind of difficulty. Those WERE the days! Mmmm.

By the way, Cheenu anna dropped by yesterday to collect that iPod and give Sury and me veshti/shirt/sari  for Sriram’s wedding. Dark green sari with light green border and buttas. I asked Sury what the color is – so don’t look so suspicious. Maybe someday I’ll wear it and show you a pic :D. But one side border ma. Sury is not thrilled about it because it is a pattu podavai and costs 2550.  He’d rather donate the money to Seva Sadan. :-D. Vidur approves of the border. Enough said.

Let’s celebrate Women’s Day now – I always grin when I think how – any celebration for you was to go buy me new clothes. 🙂 And now am sad I didn’t get around to wearing all those Kurtas I bought the week before you were admitted into hospital. Here’s an MJ special we all loved. Remember the Time?


Am remembering how Vidur loved this song and would entertain us with his rendition! Enjoy!

Vidya Sury

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