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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Vidur got his results yesterday – First Rank. How I wish you were here to see him. After the class teacher handed over the report card and told me he was first in class, I just couldn’t control myself. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I was thinking – how every year you would wait with the front door open at home, and keep pacing between the lift and the front door, so that you could hug Vidur as we stepped out of the lift. Sadly yesterday, we unlocked the door and walked in. He didn’t want anything on the way home. Preferred to have a home made lemon juice.

He was so cool and collected – unlike some kids who would be jumping around. As if it was all in a day’s work. We were a little worried, I must admit – at least I was. I know he prepared well – but you know how it is. Tengshun. He got 100 in Hindi and Sanskrit and 99 in Math. Others were highest marks in the 90’s. He asked if I was satisfied with his marks. Oh yes, of course I was, I said. Then he tells me – its not about the first rank – its about achieving the best – which is 100 in all – because that’s what he aims for. At that moment, standing outside the school and about to wear my helmet, I can’t express how proud I felt of him. Aptly named Vidur, perhaps, I thought. 🙂 Self-pressure, as you always taught me – is the best motivator. I could see that he had it without me giving him the gyaan.

Well, I took him to Sapna in Gandhinagar for the treat. 🙂 A good time was had – and do you know what books he chose to buy? Shakespeare! Never ceases to surprise us. He’s also freaking out on maps and knows some continents very well. The big problem is when he quizzes me. I am such a dud with such things. On the way back from the bookstore, we stopped at Oven Fresh to have an icecream scoop, as I had promised him. Then we returned home.

Today we plan to go do his school shopping – School reopens on April 1. Mi – Vidur is in Class VIII. Remember the running around for the Class I admission? Doesn’t seem so long ago….Because he’s always our Vulbux.  I always pray for your blessings for him. Am grateful to God he had a Paati like you. None better. By the way…as soon as we returned from school yesterday, we eagerly called mama, who was quite distant with us. Presumably because of our refusing to succumb to their suggestions. Well, I got a stern lecture. Then we called periamma, who was very sweet. Had a long chat with her.

With your memories always fresh in our hearts, we carry on with life, as we know best. I’ll write some more when am back later today.

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  1. Congrats to Vidur, this boy is a Genius Hats off to You and your Mom in Vidur’s upbringing

  2. Thanks Amrut – but I can’t take credit for his studies. When it comes to academic performance the sole credit is Sury’s and Mom’s. Sury is a wonderful parent.

  3. oops sorry to miss out Sury on that 🙂 Congrats to you all i need some tips to get Adi into reading books

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