Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

My Dear Naanu…

Hi Naanu !

I hope you are happy in heaven. I have some good news for you…we have bought some Suraiya and Noor Jehan movies. Well, I haven’t seen all of them but the ones I saw (Badi Bahen, Dillagi, Khandan) were superb, the movies and the songs. I thought of us mullying together, chatting and commenting on the movies, comparing them with others. I couldn’t hear you commenting, but I wish I could. Well, when I come to heaven one day, I shall.

In Dillagi I saw Suraiya in a situation as a misunderstood bhabhi and remembered you so much; she was somehow very much like you.

Then, I have started three books: Valmiki Ramayana, Tales from around the world and Mazbutwala Jeet. You must be wondering what this Mazbutwala Jeet is. it is a story I am making by myself about Mazbut the strong lad and Jeet the victorious lass. They meet each other and are impressed with each other’s good qualities like strength, etc. In the end they live happily ever after, after encountering and defeating many monsters; the first monster was goli shaped. This book has Persian characters. I hope you like my books now and will like it when I complete it.

I saw a photo of yours when you were verrrrrry young and beautiful. Chella Naanu! I am eager to know who your companion deities are. Please convey my regards to those deities (whoever they are),

Your dear Peran,

Chilminimama as you call me;


Here’s a beautiful song for you..

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