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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

1 and 1 and 1 is 3

That’s us right now, Mi. We still say ‘the four of us’…Just got back from school. Vidur has Hindi exam today. He did his Social Studies exam well, he said, on Monday. On Monday ~ I went to the hospital to collect the summary. I met Dr Leena, the one who admitted you in Emergency. Very sweet she was. She praised you for donating your body to St.Johns. Incidentally, yesterday Vidur suddenly said “I don’t know how I am existing without Paati” and my heart got a punch in its face. He is not always expressive about this, so we have to be alert to what he says. I cuddled him – because that’s all I could do. What could I say that would make it alright for him?

Yesterday the three of us were at home – Sury working, Vidur studying and me – doing my usual thing. Day before yesterday evening, I swear I heard you telling me to soak Lobia and I just automatically did it! Weird it was. After you passed away, yesterday was the first time I made parangikka. Disco. I remembered how you loved the mash. Sigh. I also made kundru and practically peeled the skin off my fingertips. I snipped the skin and its throbbing now. Bad move.

Remember how you said “If they cannot have bread, let them eat cake?” Well, its ordinary rice vs Basmati now – with both working out to nearly the same price! Just because Basmati is a buy one get one free thingy.

Monday evening – we were just channel surfing when WB was showing Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson – and imagine – I was recalling only that morning about that live show of his which I watched!. Well – it turned out that they were airing ‘Moonwalker’. I caught most of the movie and the cutest bit was – a little kid performs ‘Bad’. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wish you could have seen it. It was a lovely surprise. Take a look – he’s so damn Good!

He he he – look at us talking about Michael Jackson! Remember how Vidur used to say ‘kichi kichi walking’ for Smooth Criminal! And banian Michael for ‘In the Closet’. Can’t help laughing Mi! We’ve had the kind of close times many people are not lucky enough to have! Well – he now wants to watch the History DVD we have! We probably will, today afternoon after he’s back from his exam! And boy, we’ll miss ya!

Incidentally Balaji came by yesterday – signatures and what not. Some paperwork has to be completed. Did I tell you he came home with sweets when you were in hospital to get your blessings? He’s bought that flat he was telling us about. Planning to move in after some woodwork and what not – or maybe let it out. Imagine, no birthday cake from him for your birthday this year – said Vidur. Poor baby.

Monday evening we went to Seva Sadan ya – and arranged for a meal every month until September – least we felt we could do. On April 15, we’ve arranged for lunch and I plan to go give sweets also. They prefer elakki banana or soan papdi it seems. I have to phone the day before and confirm and go.

Okay, go ahead and pat my back now – I have persuaded Vidur to have an elani every day throughout summer. 😀 He tried to escape by saying he feels nauseous when he drinks it with a straw. Ever ready with a solution, I told him we’ll buy two and bring them home; can pour it into a glass and Voila! ha ha. TCW!

Oh, Manjula dropped by yesterday – happily calling out Vidya, epdi irkare and amma! enna panringo – in her own inimitable way! I told her I can answer – but she can’t hear you. Innaaa aachai she asked. Well, I told her. Sob Sob. How we laughed at her Tamil!.

You know – I think we listen to MJ and Prince and Seal because it makes us feel your presence. Gosh, I remember how I used to hear Sexy MF by Prince only over the headphones 😀 because I didn’t want you to notice the lyrics. Seems so comic now. Oh, did I tell you we finally got Satyakaam, thanks to Vidur? Lovely movie Mi – you would have loved it. I cried lots 😀 Seem to be doing a whole lot of the tears thingy these days. And to think you’d complain I never cried!! 

Hmm…must start the cooking process now. But hey – lemme make that coffee for me first eh?. Alone. And you know how I’ll make it HOT and then cool it and gulp it down. By the way, I’ve been a real bumbag. I had promised a friend I’d write for her blog and totally forgot. Real idjit I’ve been.

Here’s today’s pic: truly MJ and Prince days!! And I just realized I stole a line from the Beatles’ “Come together’ and I’ve been talking about MJ and Prince all along. But what the heck, MJ owned the rights to all the Beatles’ music, no?

Vidya Sury

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