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This Day Last Week

One week has gone by – (ok..I know am getting repetitive). We are still getting condolence messages from people – some nice, some not so nice. Then there are the funny ones – “hearty condolences”. I was imagining you guffawing at that.

When I made lunch today, capsicum curry and parathas, I missed you very much. I kept remembering how I would keep announcing to you: chapati batter ready. Then rolled them out. Then, ready to make the parathas! Then you would slowly get up from bed and seat yourself with a happy smile – and we would both have hot lunch together.

You know what? Sury and I spent all morning talking about you and remembering various lovely things. And I am so glad you and I would talk talk talk all the time. Hugs! Mom!

Vidya Sury

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Vidya Sury

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One thought on “This Day Last Week

  1. Vidya…this brings me back fond memories of your mum. The Sat afternoons when she would wait for us – hot and bothered – while we slowly made our way to Parrys and then have a leisurely coffee. The several afternoons at your place with you, Aunty and Manni…

    May her soul rest in peace. She meant no ill to anyone and has left a lot of good thoughts behind.

    May she also give you and the family all the strength required through these trying and lonely times.



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