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The days have begun to get warmer – and these days I rush home straight after dropping Vidur at school, namely because I think I ought to plan the shopping and only do it twice a week, at most. And, more importantly, because the powercut is from 9 – 10 am and I really don’t fancy huffing and puffing up the stairs. Not that I actually get out of breath, but its SO warm, it makes me mad to do it.

Today, however, I had no choice but to stop at the supermarket to get a few urgent things. Horlicks was in the living dangerously category, along with a few others. The MORE fella urged me to shop for Rs.8000/- before March end so that I could get an 18 piece dinner set worth Rs.950/-. Naturally, I giggled. Looked to me more like a dinner set worth Rs.950/- for Rs.8000/-, simply because I don’t do all our shopping there. But on the other hand, maybe I could try. A dinner set is a nice gift to give away :-D, ha ha.

Yesterday I visited office because we had to talk to the boy. We have been having problems in terms of work not done. Uncle and I went upstairs – I felt pretty bad that he had to walk all the way up to the third floor in the heat. Well – once he got there, he nicely began to express himself. Then we got a rude shock; the boy just answered back! As usual, uncle saw the positive side and said, he’s made our job easy. So now its back to the two of us holding the fort, before we get someone who’s reasonably efficient. Inshallah!

Last evening the three of us played anthakshari and it was good fun. You really should listen to Vidur’s voice now – sounds very different. None of the gentle soft stuff. It is strong, very audible and controlled – which is what I like about it. While I sang 70’s and 80’s, and Sury did 60’s and a few others, Vidur did the – ahem! – 40’s and 50’s. He’s obsessed with Noorjehan and Suraiya and of course Shamshad Begum. I saw him looking at this blog yesterday afternoon, and he requested me to post his favorite song for you. Ideally, I would have preferred him to sing it and upload it here…but we’ll do that too, later. Here is the song – Bulbulo mat ro – (there’s a bit of an interview with Malika-e-Tarannum Noorjahan – which he insists on listening to, each time. The song is great, obviously – he has such good taste.

Personally I love the “Diya Jalaakar Aag Bhujaya” and predictably, the tune makes me cry. Don’t ask why. You know me – shedding tears at everything but everyday stuff :-D. I’ll post that another time. I do plan to get Vidur to sing all these songs and make a CD for ourselves.

Got to go collect that certificate from the BMC office. Incidentally, I tried calling Dr Patil several times yesterday but didn’t get through. Funny how we always used to get him at first try, no? I also have to tell Anita.

Nothing is as we expect in life, and that’s a fact!

Vidya Sury

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