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Got up as usual and turned the radio on at 7 for ‘bhoole bisre geet’ on vividh bharti and what should I hear but one of our favorite Asha Bhonsle-O P Nayyar songs. I recalled how sweetly you used to sing this song – here it is, courtesy YouTube.

The lyrics seemed more intense now and I remembered how we used to feel amused by how we react differently to things today, compared to ten  years ago. Some of the movies that excited us a decade ago leave us cold now – because we have evolved? Or maybe because we do not have the patience for that sort of thing anymore.

We had a nice time during the power cut yesterday, looking at our albums – and Vidur went ga-ga over your photos with him. Am so glad about being a shutterbug!

By the way, Sury is reading all  your Pattukottai Prabhakars and Rajesh Kumars. He prefers Pattukottai better than Rajesh. 🙂 Nowadays he insists he’s Paati at night for Vidur’s ‘soodhi’ – and Vidur satisfies himself by getting both of us, separately to do his good night prayers. The little fella had a hectic weekend, what with cardboard models to do for Math homework, four essays to prepare and learn in Hindi, plus the usual notes etc. And he was complaining that he didn’t have adequate time to study for his exam !! :-D, God bless him. As if all that weren’t enough, they had to carry ‘velvet paper’ and cardboard for their ‘work experience’ project. Am curious to see what he comes up with.

After quite some time, Vidur took out his play-doh tubs and was busy fiddling with it – and here is what he came up with, and no prizes for guessing who it is. You should know. We had a hard time holding back our laughter. Well, its all nice and dried now and I suppose he’ll want it all nicely softened and segregated. Bah!

Incidentally, I’ve forgotten to tell you – Mythili maami appeared on SriSankara TV last Saturday and the Saturday before that in a counseling program that gave live tips to children and parents in relation to the forthcoming exams. I even managed to capture a pic of hers – as usual there was a power cut so I caught the Live web TV on the laptop and did a screen capture when she was on. Here’s the pic for you:

Doesn’t she look nice?  
I’ve now got to catch up with work, as usual. I think it will be a while before I get into the normal flow of things. I really don’t have a lot of time hanging on my hands, yet. I plan to inform Dr Patil today and then follow up with the corporation for the certificate. I also have to contact the hospital to collect the discharge summary. Sigh. 
Life never stops in some ways, does it?

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