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After Vidur returned from school yesterday, things felt more normal again.  And of course, we had fun – but only after he finished his homework. Phew! The little dude just went on and on writing his Hindi homework – and then decorated the hell out of it with lovely illustrations. He constantly amazes me with his patience for certain things – even though it might take hours to do. That is what preference is all about ! 🙂

Bangalore is now blessed with more than 6 hours power cuts – unscheduled and the so-called scheduled – if we assume that the exact one hour cuts are scheduled. (arjun kann here as Vidur would say!) – oh…I really miss the sounds of the TV programmes you used to watch, which I’d listen to from the kitchen! – and also the way you’d suddenly call and say ‘konjam paathu chollen – yaarunu kann teriyala’ Sigh….so coming back to yesterday – Vidur and I spent the evening playing anthakshari – what fun it was. By the way, I don’t think I can ever sing ‘Tu Kahe Agar’ without breaking off into tears…sigh.

Something interesting happened yesterday. Did I tell you that we received the gift set to go with that rotimaker we bought? Nothing great – and it arrived with a broken handle. I sent them feedback on the site – and amazingly, they called back. I told them, laughing, that this was one impulsive purchase I regretted. You know what? The guy offered to take the whole thing back and refund the money. Now that’s what I call service! So Vidur and I packed up the gift set and the rotimaker…thank God I didn’t throw away the cartons or the packing – I hadn’t gotten around to it. Now am waiting for the courier chap to call and pick it up. This is definitely fact stranger than fiction!

This morning Uma called (our Uma) – and it was absolutely smashing to talk to her. Great start to my day. Well – I guess I’ll be getting on with it now – planning to make kathrika curry and paratha – got the batter ready because Vidur took ‘rotti’ in his dubba. I’ll get it going around 12. For now, I have to clear out mail and other stuff and plan the day. See how life goes on?

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