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Home Alone and not thrilled about it

So maybe the life of most women is like this – a typical day beginning with sending off husband to work and kid to school and then – getting on with the rest of the day, deciding what to cook for lunch and dinner…you know – all those mundane things. Somehow – I managed to be a little different – a little unconventional – like most women probably think they are :-).

I can’t believe that I am alone at home today after several years. Mom, of course, was always around. But even the times she was not, and in hospital, thrice – during these last few years, I was either with her at the hospital or rushing back home where Vidur and Sury were always around. Really strange feeling.

Hey Mom – check out the lovely comment from Uma. (you know, OUR Uma – the silky-skinned one). I felt so nice to see that she remembered the times together. You even used to buy two of everything – one for her, and one for me in those days 🙂 and knowing me, I won’t be surprised if I dug around my ‘archives’ and ended up finding something from back then.

I am thinking, I ought to get all those photos in the album scanned. Sury says I’d spend a lot less if I simply bought a scanner and got down to the job instead of running to the local cafe to do it and then get mad at him for bungling something up. I tell you, whatever can be bungled is being bungled. Incidentally, that VHS-DVD conversion of the home video plus Vidur’s first Fancy Dress Competition at Lovett (oh, and that brings a flood of memories!) – that studio guy has still not done it properly. I went back last Friday to tell him and he has promised to give it today. Total dullhead he’s.  I almost lost my temper that day when the thallipulli acted smart, asking why I didn’t bring it back earlier. I told him I was busy with hospital and – lost my mother. No reaction – can you believe it? He kept saying ‘you should have brought within 2-3 days’.  Sury pulled me away from there before I caused any serious damage.

It is very hard to figure out why these guys happily pocket the payment and then make excuses for not delivering what they promised to. *&^%$#@!! Yeah. You know what I mean.

Well – life goes on. Final exams for Vidur from March 8 – earlier this year than usual. I am slowly trying to make your room into what you wished for Vidur. He’s quite happy about shifting the bookshelf there – and like you – asked me if I can fit both the bookshelves side by side. I wish I could – and like me – whenever I sit there I break my head wondering how to do it. 😀 Somehow Vidur seems to have grown up overnight. 🙁 Mi – I will remember his nakshatram every month and wish him, just like you used to. The problem is, no matter how cleverly I hide something, he finds it.

Hmm … let me get on with the day. I have miles and miles and miles to go before I sleep today.

Vidya Sury

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